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How To Spring Clean Your Life

How To Spring Clean Your Life

That’s one big call, I know! I’m about to step foot into unknown territory-cleaning! The body stuff that’s easy and we could all do we a little sprucing up once in a while and now has got to be the best time for it- Let’s Spring clean your life!


Gentle detox: something to just give your system a little love and care. A little break. Ease off the booze, cut down the coffee/caffeine, sugar and processed foods

Alternative: Try a hot water and fresh lemon drink each morning upon rising. Sip herbal tea on ice or chilled in the fridge as your go to beverage. Switch up your denser carbs (rice and pasta) for cauliflower rice (florets lightly dry fryed or steamed) and zucchni or carrot noodles (made with a spiralizer). It’s an easy change without causing too much drama in your life.

Switch up your exercise regime: We’ve just come out of winter (the hibernation phase for some) so it’s time to start turning the cogs and upping the ante. Try a new activity for spring, preferably outdoors


You may have noticed I’m making more of an effort to detoxing my beauty bag. I’m going for the low tox option when it comes to my skincare and makeup routine. I’m doing it stages and testing out products- I’ve found myself a healthy deodorant and a new face cleansing routine with more to come!


Crap be gone: Nothing says spring clean like a good ol’ fashioned declutter! Everyone should do this at least once a year. I personally do it every season. Go through the whole joint: clothes, bathroom, kitchen, living/lounge, storage area etc and just ask myself if I’m:

A) Happy with the item (I regularly ask myself do I absolutely love these “thing”)

B) Determine if I’m actively using the item

C) Make sure it’s not damaged or useless

If it passes my rigorous scientific process, it stays. Simple!

Deep clean: Every house/apartment needs a good deep clean too. Either get down on your hands and knees or hire someone (once a season- it’s totally worth it). Windows, carpets, kitchen and bathroom.

Greenify: Get some indoor plants to brighten up dull areas of your home. The impact plants have on cleaning the air and boosting your mood are priceless.


Unsubscribe: The most satisfying activity! Unsubscribe to all those emails/groups/businesses that don’t serve you. Get rid of them. That goes for Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Spend 10 minutes each day for a week going through and freeing up your mind.

No tech zone: Feeling trapped by your phone at nights. Look we all do it, sit on the couch, tv on, phone in hand and wine in the other. It’s time to breathe! Try implementing a no phone policy in certain areas of your house or a cut off time.


Unfriend: Such a big call but so very necessary for any of those relationships in your life that are causing you more harm than good. This also goes for family members- perhaps a wide berth rather than a “see ya later”. People often suffer at the hands of those closest to them without even realising. Determine what you want from friendships and make an effort to seek those qualities.

Upskill: If you are in need a boost in your skills try to improve them. Something as simple as committing to increasing your knowledge through reading/researching is easily doable even with the busiest of schedule. Knowledge is power. Enroll in that course you’ve always wanted to do, what are you waiting for?

What area of your life are you going to tackle first?

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