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I Am Personal Trainer But I Am Not A Freak

“Oh, what? Can’t everybody do this easy move?” 

People’s perceptions of personal trainers can be somewhat warped. Why? Well because like in any industry, you have a varied spectrum of folks. You’ve got your  die hards freaks who eat, sleep and breathe the lifestyle, you’ve got your let’s not rock the boat conformists and then there’s people like me. We don’t necessarily fit into a mould, we speak our mind, we’ve been through a lot of what our clients are experiencing (weight loss, emotional battles, diet woes) and we have what we perceive to be, a good balance in our life.

You should know by now I was a Former Fat Girl (FFG), here read this  and then probably give this a whirl too and a trainer at the same time….oh and also a human being.
So I’m going to go through “some things” that I do that you don’t necessarily associate with “personal trainer behaviour” and give you a few little insights to how you can possibly tweak them for yourself
I am the same as you…well kind of
    1. I eat pizza and drink beer, even during the week. I factor a few little yummy meals like this into my week (not necessarily just for the weekend- just quickly, I used to be quite anal with food during the week and then go nutso crazy binge on the weekend, this wasn’t beneficial to me or my body. So I stopped it. It’s worked out for the better. I fit myself into more of a 80/20% rule now, still stay sugar free and mostly eat gluten free type meal options where possible. I’ve set myself limits and stuck to them.) I account for these meals in my daily calorie allowance and don’t class it as a free for all. NB: I have 1-2 beers not half a case. Pizza is the real deal, sometimes a gluten free base. Even Nachos
      2.  There are times where I don’t want to wake up at 530am every freaking day. I would love to text everybody and tell them to sleep in and not turn up to their sessions but alas I roll over, turn the alarm off and hit that coffee machine button and get out of bed. To be fair (to myself) this doesn’t happen very often, I’m a bit of an early morning catches the worm kinda gal. I can rarely sleep past 8am. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid. If you have trouble waking up in the morning make sure you have some kind of sleep routine in place. Something like this: Keep hours of sleep to 10pm-6am, this is beneficial to your natural sleep cycle, keep caffeine to the morning only if you have trouble falling asleep, turn off electronic devices 1-2 hours prior to going to bed, make your bedroom a sanctuary of serenity (how wanky does that sound!) but seriously in my bedroom I don’t have a laptop/TV/radio, it’s just bed and wardrobes (and clothes all over the floor…whoops messy!), set your alarm (or several) & keep your phone on airplane mode to stop the frequency waves (whatever the hell they are called) from interfering, if you find yourself tossing and turning get a whiff of some lavender or try counting sheep (seriously), relax and imagine yourself in the deepest most relaxing sleep. A sleep routine takes practice, you need to apply yourself and stick with it

3. I don’t workout everyday. Something there are periods I don’t lift. There are periods when I don’t run. Variety and change is important. I do personally feel way better when I exercise. The type of workouts that pump me up and boost my mood are definitely those of the short and sharp variety. I exercise because I want to, not because I have to. I’m lucky enough to live by the water, so nature plays a huge part in my workouts. I would much rather be outside than in most stuffy, stinking gyms. Loads of people get great results in the gym but I’m fortunate to have the ability to structure my workout from various locations. 

4. I try to stress less and not be a perfectionist. My rule with most things is 90-95% is good enough. Whatttttttt?! Aren’t trainers supposed to be perfect and do/give everything till they have nothing left? In my opinion and experience, no! That’s how you burn out- by trying to please everyone. You can’t help everybody nor are you everyones cup of tea. I would never have finished my eBooks (50DaysNoSugar Book 1 & 2, Banish The Bloat, Butt Beautification and Get Lean Now!) if I worried about a few spelling mistakes/grammar errors here and there. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I always feel I could add one more recipe or one more page of advice but you know what, If I keep adding, changing and stressing about the “PERFECT” scenario, nothing would come out and then I don’t get to help my readers and followers. The same goes for my body/looks. I used to wake up everyday and focus on the “bit’s” I hated. “Oh, I could be skinner…Why does my skin look so shit today….My right boob is saggier than my left boob (true story!) or why did I have to be the kid that has a 3rd degree burn on their arm.” All of that stuff really can play on your mind- day in and day out. Then I released one day, I can’t keep going through this battle with myself every single damn day- this has got to stop. So I focused on the good bits. I cut myself off when I began with the negative talk. When I felt like missing a workout, I reminded myself of the body goals I had in mind. I just shifted the negative into the positive. I read self help books and actually followed the advice. My favourites are by Louise Hay and Dan Millman. I’m at peace with who I am  

5. I listen to all different pieces of advice. A lot of trainers out there are one sided in their skills. They are crossfit junkies, they will only eat a certain way or they are stretchy, bendy yogi’s etc. I personally feel, to stand the test of time in this cray cray industry, you need to constantly inform yourself, update your skills, use a variety of acquired skills and also be prepared to refer out when you can’t help somebody. As they say “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. There truly is! You can perform weight training and get super results, you can do cardio training and super results. It’s all about perception and what people personally favour doing long term. My ideal workout is different to your ideal workout. As long as you get results, that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. 

6. Lastly, I’m not trying to win friends and influence people. That last bit may be a lie- I do care about influencing people but I’m not out to be Little Miss Nice Girl. No way! It’s not in my nature. I’m direct for a reason- to get my point across. I’m loud and bossy. Some people can handle straight shooters, I hate walking on eggshells around people. I also recommend dumping any negative relationships/friendships you may currently have in your life. That goes the same in my business. If I feel a client isn’t performing or damaging the quality of our session, I politely show them the door.  
It’s all above a certain level of EQUAL respect. If I let everyone show up late, cancel without telling me and so on, I’d just be on BIG DOORMAT. “I am not and will never be a doormat”. And I implore you to use this mantra in your life. 

Hope this little insight into me resonates with the majority of you, as always I’ll be back real soon 
x Nat

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