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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar


I am feeling particularly PRO WOMEN after a good little chat with a client

It got me thinking….

Am I feminist? Well yes but I don’t need to label myself one just because I believe in equality for all women. I know women can do anything they put their minds too but that mind can also be their undoing, due largely to the societal pressure placed upon us. Our actions and choices are our own (obviously) but how many of those actions/choices are because we believe that “x” is expected of us?

I find it mind blowing whilst we’ve come along way in gaining equality, Australian society in 2015 still places many rules on women (and this is the lucky country after all, we not even scratching the surface of other societies/cultures worldwide).

Women need men and vice versa. This is not man bashing AT ALL however, after you read this list come up with a male version and I bet it’s a third of the size of this list….(just saying!)

Let’s take a trip together and go through some popular  “women shouldn’t” scenarios


– Be single their whole life/Leave it too late to get married

– Leave it “too late” to have a baby/go throughout life without the “joy” of motherhood

– Lift weights

– Exercise too much/exercise too little

– Eat (insert food here)

– Wear something that is too revealing

– Swear (LOL…Fuck that!)

– Walk alone (in parks!)

– Be more intelligent than a man

– Try to have it all

– Be the breadwinner

– Be the boss/Talk down to the boss/Argue with the boss

– Sleep around

– Be loud

– Breastfeed in public

– Speak their mind/give their opinion

– Get too drunk

– Climb trees/play with trucks/get dirty/play with boys/hand around boys too much

– Quit their job to raise children/Raise children instead of working

– Travel the world alone

– Work in a male dominated field

– Leave the house without makeup

– Be emotional/crazy/weird/etc

– Fight back

– Leave the house untidy

– Except their husbands/parents to be faithful all the time

Helen Reddy, we salute you! Cheesy but man this song hits the spot
Have you got any “women shouldn’t” scenarios to add, please do! 

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