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iFLY: Indoor Skydiving

iFLY: Indoor Skydiving

I would never jump put of a plane, except maybe if my life depended on it. I’m just reallllly not that much of adrenaline seeker. I need to know variables are controlled and moderated, Yes I’m a control freak- I get it! Don’t get me wrong, I love taking chances, having awesome fun and getting out of my comfort zone but just minus the danger factor! When I was asked to be a guest at iFly downunder and try Indoor skydiving, I literally jumped at the chance. This I can totally handle. Safe, controlled but fun and pretty much like the real deal without the jumping out of a plane, 15000 ft in the air strapped to someone. Bring it on

iFly Downunder, provides the exact same sky diving experience for ages 3-103, in a fully controlled safe environment. This is the biggest and most powerful vertical wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere. Located in Penrith, the vertical chamber is powered by 4 x 450 horse powered fans that can achieve speeds of up to 250 km per hour which is powerful enough to lift anyone into flight on a cushion of air. How fun does that sound?

Just a tip: Mouth closed at all times!

The awesome thing about Indoor Skydiving is that it is for anyone! The instructors are super friendly and helpful. Our instructor Matt, had clocked up hundreds of hours of traditional (outdoor) skydiving and as well as indoor skydiving. The iFly facility is used currently as a training ground for skydiving instructors and the Australian military. He takes us through our safety video to show us how to fly and then we get decked out in our flying gear (helmet, goggles, flying suit and ear plugs- you’ll need those!). We are ready to fly…..oh and I’m up first! WTF?! Halp!

We sit down together in the “waiting area” and I can hear the sound of the engines roaring! Why, why, why am I doing this first? Matt summons me and my heart is beating hard and fast. My mantra is “just breathe”.  Matt pulls me in and I’m propelled into the air. I’M FREAKING FLYINGGGGGGGG! My head is buzzing and I’m recounting the body positions from the instructional video- chin up, hands in front and legs slightly bent. WOOOHHHOOOOOO! I’m flying. I’m also not really breathing so I remember Matt’s advice “just relax”. I’m in the chamber for about a 1 minute, while my other buddies cheer and watch on. My “turn” is coming to an end and it’s time to exit stage left….of course not my most graceful exit. My legs are flying all over place and I clearly didn’t listen to the exit strategy very well. Matt pushes me through and I’m back on dry land! I’m buzzing. That was such a cool experience. Additional extras include photos of your flight and a high flyer experience (which I definitely recommend). You get taken up in through the full chamber with an instructor holding onto you and it’s maximum height.

Packages start from $89, I recommend getting a group of friends/work colleagues together and making a day of it.

The aftermath: I’m still buzzing from the surge of adrenaline, it’s time to chow down on some healthy raw delights at the UpRaw cafe, conveniently located in the iFly Downunder centre. My body feels like it’s had a workout and the next day my arms and abs are sore, so I’m guessing my core had a little workout for the flight. I can’t wait to give it another shot with some of my buddies!

Are you a thrill seeker, What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the search of endorphins?

*Disclosure: I attended this event as a guest and was gifted product

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