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Intensify Your Walking Routine Using Bodyweight Exercises

Walking is pretty much the first port of call when we start exercising. It’s convenient, cheap (it’s free baby!) and there are easy ways to intensify your walking routine when are ready to it up

A daily walk provides mental clarity as well as burning a few calories during your day. You don’t have to walk miles and miles but clocking up extra steps in your day adds years to your life and keeps your heart ticking along nicely. I find walking extremely relaxing and I always try to make it part of my day.

Once you have been walking for 2-4 weeks at least 3 times per week, it’s time to boost your standard “round the block” routine. I’ve got 4 body weight exercises that you can incorporate immediately and reap the benefits of adding strengthening to your workout. Just spread this out in between your walk, try walking for 1 kilometre or so and then perform your first exercise. I’ve popped these moves in an upper/lower body alternating fashion. You could also try them in a circuit style and then continue walking, be creative, nothing is ever set in stone.

1. Tricep dip with leg extended: Use a bench or wall. Have your fingers facing away from your elbows, lock your arms in by your waist. Extend one leg and dip down. See how I’m making right angles (hello maths class!) with my legs and arms- you copy, you good! Butt nice and close to the wall too. Perform 12 and then repeat. Ouchie for the arms and the back

2. Spilt squat: This will keep those leg sin check! You need your rear leg elevated using a wall or bench. Do 12 reps on both legs, keep you hips still, pop your hands on them if you need to balance or hold your arms out to the side. Your front and back leg are nice and wide apart, no tight rope walking please! Repeat so you do each leg twice.

3. Wall push up: #terribleview! Perform a push up on a wall or bench or even on the ground, mind the bindis/prickles at this time of year. Keep your body long and abs tight. Chesticles will get a nice workout as will the arms. 

4. Squat on a rock: The rock (or whatever is handy) provides some feedback for your butt and thighs in the squat movement. Try it now, just do a normal squat up and down, up and down. Now squat the same distance but squat onto something. Different huh? The rock provides that goal for the hips to extend back and really moves your weight into the heel. Try 12 and repeat. Try with hands on shoulders or even on your head.

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