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Is Social Media Ruining Your Body Image?


It’s hard with all the different forms of social media: Facebook and Instagram in particular, to not feel a little inadequate at times (or ALL the time)

Your thought process is:

“Am I supposed to be a fitness model and be super lean because everyone else is doing it?….
What are my goals?…. Where am I headed in life?…I should really do a vision board later?…. Why do I not have as many holidays as this other girl?…… Should I be a raw foodie because that other girl lost 10 kilos just eating green smoothies and not cooking her food?…. I should lift heavy weights but then like how heavy is heavy?…I need a new outfit for my workouts?…..” And on and on it goes!

You know what I realised….This is all fluff, stuff that gets you further and further down into your hole. Further away from where you are trying to get to. They are self imposed road blocks. Staring at a girl’s abs or butt doesn’t necessarily get you off the couch, outside training or eating better. It makes you question, intensely, why you do certain things you do and why “can’t I just fricken look like that”. Vanity is rearing it’s ugly head. Taking pride in your looks is different in my opinion. Becoming obsessed with your looks leads you down the path of destruction.

The whole problem? It’s a photo, for example on Instagram, it’s a snapshot. A snapshot into a tiny section of time. We don’t see the hard work, the trauma that particular lifestyle may cause or the bad times. Not many people share snippets of bad times do they? People have the power to snapshot their life into their version of an idealistic world, well some do anyway. I take that back, lots do! This then taints our perception of their world.

So how about this? How about limiting the amount of “exposure” or time you spend on this sites and get on top of more meaningful chores/jobs.

– Be genuine when using social media: do you need to take the selfie shot 15 times before you then apply a filter and make it perfect. There is no perfect. Be real. I can honestly say my social media escapades are always done with a genuineness about them. If I don’t like something, I’ll say it. If I’m thinking something, I’ll say it. If I think I loook good in a particular outfit then BOOM! Instagram will be seeing it.  I don’t need to take 40 million body shots from several different angles so you can see my ass or abs. If it’s relevant then fine but do you need to see me in my undies day in and day out?

 – Do I even need your approval? NO! I don’t. I also don’t NEED to be something that I am not. I just need to be me. In the fitness industry, a very vanity driven industry, there is a lot of emphasis put on this ideal of being “stage ready” and “Oh you are a personal trainer, so are you must be a bodybuilder, aren’t you training to compete?” My response? “I’d rather eat a dead bird with all it’s feather’s still on” (and I despise birds!). It is of no interest to me, the same way I think beauty pageants are feral and degrading to women and children (my opinion and views). Don’t we want to empower women? Judging one’s appearance, heavily. Well I’d rather eat a dead bird with it’s feathers still on…already told you this!    

I love social media and don’t get me wrong, in no way will I stop using it but I will  be more mindful with my personal usage. I will limit my ass staring (at other girl’s butt’s, not my own). You know how 30 minutes can just go by in a flash? Social media is about interacting with others from anywhere in the world. Have we lost sight of this? Maybe.

“Aim For Progression Not Perfection”

I am a constant work in progress and I took a little time to look inward and think about what I portrayed  as my image (previous and now)

Old Me (many moons ago as they say! Thank god social media was only in it’s infancy):

– Fatty, sad, fatty. Over compensated by being loud and obnoxious
– Bad food choices, constantly
– No limit attitude to my determent
– Exercise full on or none at all
– Too many diet restrictions
– Everyone else’s needs matter more than mine
– Too many late nights coupled with early morning
– 12-14 hour working days
– The “I’m Too Busy Girl”

My progression

Current State:

– Feeling like I appreciate my body; it’s flaws; it’s strengths. I work at it daily
– Less late nights (still love those early mornings!)
– Exercising regularly and adding variety
– Not using excuses or playing the blame game
– Working smarter with more regular breaks
– Trusting my gut feeling and backing myself
– Conquering fears and breaking bad habits
– Proud (Wow! that feels weird to say that)
– Being a little selfish and putting myself first.

Today’s post has been mostly my inner musings but I’m sure lots of you have similar thoughts or feelings. These are my thoughts and I don’t make apologies for them. We can’t control how fast the world and technology is moving but we do have a say in how we interact with it. It’s ok to be YOU!

Do you feel the same way as me? Tell me YOUR inner musing’s…………..

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