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It’s OK To Be Your Own Cheerleader

It’s OK To Be Your Own Cheerleader

I needed this…

I needed this blurb to be one of the first things I see because sometimes when you feel a bit shit about yourself and/or life for no real apparent reason, you need this stuff. You need YOURSELF to act a bit fucking nicer to yourself.

You need to be your own bloody cheerleader.

And in my bathroom, at 530 am, I was a REALLY GOOD BLOODY CHEERLEADER.

Surely we ALL NEED THIS! I can’t be alone here.

You see I’ve been doing a bit of smack talkin’ to myself lately and it really needs to stop. I would NEVER talk the way I do to myself to girlfriends…no one would but we do it all the time! We would never look at someone we love and nit pick 50 things that aren’t working with their appearance, would we? Hell no but we somehow feel with ourselves it’s open slather. Self hate party for one. It happens day in, day out. We need to dig ourselves out, back our bags and GTFO!

So I’m putting it out there, this is your last fucking warning STOP TALKIN’ SMACK ABOUT YO SELF

– Love and appreciate yourself, start with little things.

– Wear and use your best things or items. Don’t “save them” like how old ladies put plastic covers on their lounges or store their best china away. Best shoes, best bag, best undies, best tea cup, best/favourite everything! Everyday!

– Throw out a little gratitude everyday. I’m thankful for (insert blah)

– Celebrate YOU (I recently did a tally of my social media communities- FB/IG/Twitter & it’s 21,500+ strong! That’s so freaking awesome to me. So I gloated and you know what, I felt good! I felt a sense of purpose)

– Celebrate OTHERS. Let go of the jealous bitch inside you and unleash the “power to ya my sister!” We need to stick together and not bring each other down constantly.

– Reconnect with your dreams and goals. Have a recap (or actually write something down) on what was important for you to achieve this year/month/week.

– Go and play outside in nature for a 10-20 minutes each day. Turn off the WIFI: Go and smell the grass, feel the rain, squish sand between your toes. Ground yourself to the earth.

And another thing? I’ll keep defacing mirrors with expensive lipstick till my inner self gets the boost it needs. You should too!

I need you to comment below with your nicest/bestest thing you could possibly say about yourself…go (don’t be scared!). Are you going to start defacing mirrors too?

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