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Join #20DaysOfHIIT

I need YOU to join ME for #20daysofHIIT! It’s simple:

1. Purchase my “Get Lean ebook” for the sale price of $7 right here at this link: 

2. Complete your HIIT workouts for 20 days in a row (rotating the workouts on the program. You can use the same ones or mix it up. use the gym or outdoors)

3. Take & Tag a photo on Instagram (#20daysofHIIT @newoutlookpt) when each workout has been completed. A nice sweaty face, a pic of your outfit or kicks- whatever you desire!
4. You must purchase your ebook and start the challenge no later than Oct 31st 2013
5. PRIZE: A Full online or face to face consultation (training and nutrition programming) is up for grabs (valued at $150) with yours truly Natalie Carter- Personal Trainer & Transformation Coach
Good luck to you and let’s get LEAN!

P.S: Looking attractive in your photos is totally optional!

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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