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Junk4Jan: New 2012 Challenge

Do you dream of a curvier butt? A ass you could bounce a quarter off? An answer to reducing your back pain and poor posture? Well it’s all in the ass…..

Exhibit A: Amanda Latona’s ass is perky, it also has that lovely c shape to it. Lots of junk in her trunk. She has worked that butt to perfection. You’ll notice her legs look amazing coming off that toned, muscle filled butt. Her body looks in portioned to the rest of her body also. Does she look bulky? No! Does she look unfeminine? No! I don’t know one guy that wouldn’t line up to give that butt a little poke or one girl who wouldn’t want a butt like that at the beach. Hmm, am I right?

Exhibit B: This poor unfortunate soul has no glutes to speak of. Sad but true. Typical of many women who have had children or also cardio junkies who don’t perform any squats, dead lifts or other glute beautifying exercises (weight training). The sad thing is a lot of people at their aspire to be like this gal, “55kg and I would look awesome just like all the celebrities out there on the beach”…Wrong! SO WRONG. Her poor glute development can lead to back pain, postural problems not to mention a saggy ass in jeans, so not a good look.  

So this month, January, I’m going to give you the tools to create the perfect butt. Introducing Junk4Jan.  I’m also going to give you a great eating plan to follow to make sure you are consuming the right foods and nourishing your body correctly. If you want a hot ass you’ve got to feed a hot ass. 
Guys, don’t think this challenge is just for the gals. It is most certainly not. You too get some glutes:
Strong glutes equal power, strength, better function of the hip/glute area and I’m fully aware of the fact guys don’t mind checking them selves out in the mirror (your jeans will also look a hell of a lot better with some junk in them rather than hanging off your ass around your legs…not hot!) 
So our challenge will include:
– An eating plan
– A lower leg workout plan (including a special HIIT program) 
– An upper body workout plan 
And because I’m feeling generous a core workout, plus links to my foam rolling workout also. 
For the month of January you will do your program, follow the eating plan, take before and after shoots tweet loads (using the hashtag #Junk4Jan), stay committed, focus and ready to smash this challenge. I’ll be there to help you out along the way too. You will personally get a video from me outlining how to perform the exercises, in case you get stuck. 
I’m only taking selected participants for this challenge who really want to see some changes and improve their bodies. The challenge has a small fee of $49 attached to it, however this package alone who normally cost you over $400. So for $49 you get the whole lot! Awesome. Couples get a special discount of $89 for both of you.
All you need to do is email me: natalie(at)newoutlookfitness(dot)com(dot)au (don’t forget to replace brackets with appropriate symbols) and wait for further instructions. Payments are made via internet banking and programs are delivered into your inbox. 
This challenge is going to be one of our best yet and I can’t wait to see who is brave enough to achieve some great results. 
Who’s joining Junk4Jan? 
Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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