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Just a thought…..

Why not confirm a friend’s belief next time they start to comment on their weight or fitness status?

You’ve heard it before: “God! I’ve put on weight, I need to lose 10kgs” or “I’m so unfit, I need to run more”. If you wholeheartedly agree with their statement then why not answer back with: “Great! Why don’t you?” or “Sounds like a great idea, let me help you”. You’ll probably get a puzzled look but you may also be the little push they needed. Be honest and motivate them to achieve.

What about your other friend who keeps saying her Miranda Kerr-sized thighs are “soooo fat”! Pull her up on this statement. Question if she really thinks her thighs are “soooo fat”. She may not realise the harm she does by using false statements all the time. It’s not positive for her or you, especially if you are the bigger girl out of all your friends.

When confronting your friends, don’t come from a place of judgment, just one of care and concern. Let them know they can do it and offer all the support you can. Inspire change in those close to you.

Have you inspired any friends lately? I’d love to know…..

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