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Kangaroo Steaks with Sweet Potato, Olives, Feta and Snow peas

Kangaroo has become a popular inclusion in most big chain supermarkets. I think it’s great to get a choice and one that everybody should try.

Roo meat has a slightly gamey taste than normal beef. It is by no means any less superior to it’s beefy friend. I love it paired with beetroot and Sweet potato but this time I went with something a little different.

Kangaroo Steaks are high in Protein and low in fat (one of my Chef friends told me this is because Kangaroo’s are infested with worms! Eww but I block that out and think that their grass diet would have a big part to play in the meat’s leanness

This is a really easy Monday night dinner option for either single or multiple diners.

Kangaroo steak each (approx 150-200g/person)

Pre-heat oven to 180-200 degrees Celsius

Slice Sweet potato length ways into four (1 used 2 medium sized ones for 2 people) and sprinkle with Sweet smoked paprika (Pimenton) and drizzle with a little Olive oil. Place in oven for approx 20mins

When the Sweet potato is about 5mins away from being ready, fire your pan up with some Olive Oil. Cook to your taste (Roo is really nice a little underdone).

Steam the Snow Peas in a little water (the less the better) to al dente

Serve the Roo next to 2 pieces of Sweet potato. Crumble a couple of square of feta over the top with 3-4 olives/person. Lay your greens down and done!

YUM! Quick , Easy, Healthy, Roolicious

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