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Is The “Guilt Free” Label Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is The “Guilt Free” Label Doing More Harm Than Good?

Guilt free, arggghh! It absolutely needs to be banned

“Cook guilt free”, “guilt free desserts”, “try this guilt free snack”.

You see it on recipe titles, food labels and magazines allllll the time. It sucks people in and It’s fast becoming the MOST damaging food label of them all! 

Back in the day- I thought I’d found a whole new world where I could eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and *fingers crossed* everything would turn out ok because it was guilt free afterall. Fast forward to the future- IT DIDN’T.  20 kilos plied on and my relationship with food was at it’s worst. I was eating the worst type of fake weirdo food all under the misconception that it was “guilt free”.

It’s taken me years (and years and years) of trying to FIX my own food relationship (diet food/low fat food/GUILT FREE foods) through positive self talk, commitment to a long term healthy lifestyle and re-education to heal that damage. That wasn’t fun. Well some of it was..empowering, more than anything.

The most obvious damaging factor is this disassociation with the food we eat. I mean, don’t you want to know what’s in your food? The ingredients? How it’s made? Where it comes from? What the nutrition value is? I don’t want you to be fooled into thinking a food comes solely without consequence. Food is delicious. It can be satisfying and it can be nutritious but food also has calories- end of story. Some more than others.

You really should never need to associate eating with guilt. NEVER EVER!

You don’t need to feel guilty for eating the occasional dessert or having a glass of wine with your dinner. You also don’t need to a eat salad when you really want the BLT. You don’t need to jump on a treadmill straight after eating a donut or a piece of cheese on a cracker. Here’s my video on binge eating and how I broke my addiction

Feel lighter lady, knowing you control how you feel about your food. Stick to whole foods- plants, fruit, protein rich, nutrient dense, rich in vitamins/minerals, slow releasing carbohydrates and essential fats.

You are the boss of YOU!

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