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Lazy Man Syndrome: Fitness Update

We are entering Man Zone…………

So, it’s been another 2 weeks and our New Outlook Fitness Man is still going strong. He’s fallen off the Non-drinking wagon (only a total of 5 drinks were consumed..not bad) but the eating side of things are going well. There have been a few temptations (ice-creams and chocolate raids) but the extra exercise seems to be keeping off any extra kilos.

I find Men really responsive when it comes to strength training, I find all my male clients really love pumping it out. Boys will be boys after all. So here’s some easy at home strength exercises to do. Make do with what you have, functional fitness is fun and easy- it’s not about purchasing a load of useless crap that gathers dust.


Squat and Press: Squat down with weight on left shoulder, squat as deep as possible, drive up and squeeze glutes end by pressing weight above shoulder. Keep whole body straight, look forward and draw navel in the whole time. 

Prone 1 Arm Row; Start in a push up position, weight in one hand, navel to spine, row the weight up by keeping elbow into the side of your waist, squeeze the shoulder blades together (lift the weight right up till you feel the squeeze in the shoulder blades) then lower down and repeat. Maintain stability in the hips (imagine a cup of coffee needs to balance on the top of the hips. i.e keep them still- left to right)

        Alternating Jump Lunges: Start with feet parallel (imagine you are standing on train tracks), lunge down back leg bent- try not to lean too far forward, jump and switch legs, maintain form, draw navel into spine the whole time.  

Try to complete 3-4 rounds of 15-20 of these. When it gets easier add or increase the weight. Girls, you can also give these exercises a go. They are fantastic to add to anyone’s work out.

I’d thought I’d give you all some visual proof of his excellence

 Dec 2010 (challenge started on 15th Jan 2011) ….101kg, Navel Measurement 106cms                

                                                                                     20th Feb 2011…..94kg, 99cms               

 Maybe it’s time to put your man on a health kick? How will YOU go about it? Will you use my nagging techniques till he submits? I’d love to know….                          

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  1. All of those are great moves! And my husband got motivated to workout when he realized how good it made him feel and started seeing strength increases. I guess men love that feeling of being stronger and stronger.

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