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Lazy Man Syndrome: Man Can Cook

Hello and welcome to yet another installment of Lazy Man Syndrome! This is becoming quite a popular topic on this blog, so of course I’ll give you vultures some more (you’re not really vultures, I love my readers)

I had asked SB (the love of my life) to rustle up a meal using chicken thighs and the chorizo I had in the fridge. By no means was I expecting to come home and find him all a buzz in the kitchen. There was a recipe, several pots/pans, and music playing! I was in shock. He has cooked several times before but this really looked like an severe operation. Of course I immediately had to make sure the situation was under control (enter me pushing him out of the way, smelling, tasting, commenting “why did you do it like that” and “do you think that’s enough of that?”…How annoying am I?) I got yelled out a few times so I decided my “help” was not wanted and I flopped on the couch for some trash time whilst he finished off his masterpiece.

Tick tock tick tock…….

Enter Man with food! “WOW!” I exclaimed. “Yeah, I know! It’s f*&^ing awesome” He replied proudly. We get very excited about food in our household, very! This meal was delicious and in total credit to SB he sourced a recipe, flipped it up to suit what he had on hand. A true cook!

So here is the recipe for you to try at home.
***Remember I don’t do recipes, so follow this as best as you can


1 chorizo sausage
Packet chicken thighs (700g)
1 Onion
Pumpkin 1 cup
Sweet potato (1 cup)
Broccoli (1/2 head)
Salt & Pepper
Chilli flakes
cloves (4)
bay leaves (3-4)

1. Fry Chorizo till burnished, remove from pan but reserve chorizo oil.
2. add onion, sweet potato, pumpkin/carrots, broccoli plus spices (slightly weird combo of spices but they work) saute in soup pot for 10mins. Add 1L chicken stock plus 1/2 flour (rice flour if gluten free or leave it out it just wont be as thick more brothy consistency). Bring to boil then down to simmer
3. Seal chicken thighs on both sides in the chorizo pan (yum!), remove form that pan and chuck into soup pot for 15mins (or till chicken is cooked through)
4. Eat!

Look at it’s deliciousness…mmmm soupy goodness!

SB also got a little physical when the soup was simmering. Check out his new favourite exercise: The Medicine Ball Tricep Push Up (note: sexy guns are building day by day!)

 1. Balance on the toes, both hands on medicine ball (fingers pointing down to the ground). Draw the navel to spine

2. Slowly lower yourself down, bend the elbows and also keep them into your waist. Engage the triceps and give yourself a push up back to the top. Try 3 x 10 first off, then increase the reps as you get stronger.

This exercise forces you to use your entire body to stabilise you throughout the movement. Why is this important? It means greater muscle recruitment and faster results. YEE HAH!

Can your man cook and exercise at the same time? Or possibly separately. Tell me all about it ladies……..

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