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Learn To Love Your Shape With Adelle Cousins, Blogger

If you struggle with finding the perfect outfit for your shape, stress no more! Adelle Cousins from Where The Styled Things Are, has got you lovely ladies sorted. Identify your shape and dress that rig up! 

Take it away, Adelle…..

 I am an advocate for dressing for my shape, and when Gok Wan partnered up with Target I fan girled it right into my local Target just to see what he was recommending. The principles were all the same to how I knew them myself, however he was making it seem a lot more fun, fresh and was at the same time, giving women a reason to dress up and stand out and celebrate THEIR shape! As I think about all of the fruits in my fruit bowl right now I picked out a pear as this is most definitely my shape for now, I used to be a rectangle with no bumps or lumps but over time (oh age you naughty thing you!) my thighs have expanded.
We all have a shape and we have to understand as women that some things that are on trend, just won’t suit us. As a pear, low rise skinny jeans accentuate those blasted thighs like a huge pimple in the middle of my forehead. Let’s face it, if you look in a full length mirror and the parts you despise are standing out like bulls balls then it’s obvious we are wearing the wrong clothing for our shape. Our bodies are beautiful no matter what our size, however If I told you that you can cover up that belly, mask your hips and make your breasts look larger by evening it all out with clothes and without sucking it all in with spanks – you’d be willing to listen right? Well strip down ladies…it’s time for your lesson on your lovely bodies!

First things first, what’s your shape?
Apple: You are in proportion however carry most of your weight around your belly. Think Drew Barrymore, Oprah Winfrey!
Pear: You are bottom heavy, bigger thighs/hips/bum (I call this womanly though!). Just like Beyonce and Shakira!
Strawberry: You are top heavy, you lucky girl, you have bigger breasts or broad shoulders. Dolly Parton and Jennifer Saunders are also Strawberries.
Hourglass:Delicious! Your waist is thin and you have in proportion breasts and thighs…I would love an hourglass figure! Think Nigella Lawson and Scarlett Johansson.
Rectangle:Straight up and down, most women would kill for this shape! Spice babe Mel C and Rachel Hunter are also rectangles.
Got your shape? Now it’s time to dress you!
Apple – the key is to accentuate your bottom and top half and avoid eye contact to your middle.
·       A flared maxi dress or wrap will accentuate everything but your mid section, and try out some low neck lines to show off your lady lumps a little!
·       Boot cut or flared jeans will balance out your body, and ladies, 70’s jeans are so in for Autumn/winter so flare away!
·       Fitted jackets that button below the bust are great to nip in the waist, tailored coats and light trenches are your go to’s!
Pear – they key is to accentuate your top half to even out your thighs.
·       Emphasise that bust to even out the thigh/hip/butts – use low necklines and have fun with colour up top, and try out some embellished or detailed bodice’s.
·       Wide leg jeans and flares again will even out your thigh/hip/butt area, and mid rise OH MID RISE jeans work the best, they elongate your legs!
·       Try structured and wide jackets – bringing our your shoulders will even out that area you despise.
Strawberry – the key is to emphasise your bottom half!
·       One strap dresses will narrow out your top half and A-line dresses will look great on you! And a V neck will draw the eye down.
·       Boot cut jeans again will even out your top half, and lighter shades of denim will flatter those legs.
·       Now is your time to purchase a gorgeous coat that flares from the waist.
Hourglass – the key is to accentuate that little itty bitty waist.
·       Wrap dresses will hug that mid section, also go out and buy sweetheart and v necklines!!
·       Wide leg and flare jeans are perfect for you, evening out the bottom of your legs to your thighs, however if you have small thighs – slap on a skinny jean!!
·       Belted coats and trenches will cinch in that lovely waist and will make you look a million bucks! Be bold with some bright colours or patterns – polka dots or a bright red.
Rectangle – the key is to cinch in that waist and bring out your top and bottom half.
·       Halternecks will accentuate your top half, not a lot of people can pull a halterneck off but you certainly can! Also go crazy with tops, frill’s, bows and embellishments up top will even out your shape. MOST top shapes suit your body because you want to bring out that top half.
·       Skinny jeans! Lucky you! Also a slim jean will hug those lovely legs.
·       A flared coat will pop those hips, or why not try a crop jacket that stop at the hip? Or you can add a belt to a coat to cinch in that waist.
Learn to love that body of yours, and dress for it to your advantage! Now you have the secrets…go forth and be bootylicious! x Adelle
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