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Mid Week Healthy Gnocchi Recipe

Mid week meals need to be fast at my joint, you race in after a busy day and you need food, fast!
Here’s a gnocchi meal that can be whipped up in no time and most of the ingredients you’ll have lying around

Solo dinner (double, quadruple for multiple diners)


180g gnocchi
100g tuna in oil, drained
50g chick peas, drained
200g diced tomatoes, canned
1 cup raw mushrooms, chopped
3 anchovies (optional)
lemon rind (optional)
salt (if you don’t use the anchovies)

Prepare gnocchi according to packet directions. I just buy the gluten free stuff from the supermarket

Next, heat a fry pan and place in mushrooms and tomatoes, heat and stir. Add the rest of the ingredients in no particular order and stir together to heat through. Everything is ready to go because it doesnt require loads of cooking time. Lastly, toss in the cooked gnocchi and coat with sauce. Serve and garnish with fresh herbs. BOOM! This meal can even be split in two…..I just eat the whole thing!

If anyone cares, nutritional info:

Calories 510
Carbs 85g
Fat 8g
Protein 27g

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