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Mindful Monday

When is the last time you actively thought about your actions? I’m talking about the actions that take up your day to day life. Eating, sleeping, moving, interacting with people/friends/co-workers, etc. If we could all be a little more mindful of WHAT, WHY, HOW your world could possibly be a better place.

WHAT: What are doing? That one is pretty straight forward but go deeper. Is it something worth while or is it to fill a void? Take eating for example are you eating because you are hungry and you haven’t eaten for at least 3 hours or are you eating your feelings because your boyfriend just ditched you?

WHY: Why are you doing said activity? Are you eating your feelings again because you don’t want to deal with how they make you feel. You may be exercising. Why? Because it makes you feel good or because you know you need to lose a few kilos to stop yourself from going on diabetes medication. The more often we ask ourselves why, the closer we get to finding out the answers. It really is ok to talk to yourself- YOU ARE NOT CRAZY IF YOU DO!

HOW: With your chosen activity, how are you conducting yourself? Are you whingeing the whole time (maybe through a hard exercise session?) or are you putting all your positivity and effort into it? How we do things is just as important as why we do them.

Let’s get a little more mindful today, tomorrow and every other day…….

What do you do to be mindful?

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One Response to Mindful Monday

  1. I am all into mindfulness! Yesiree …
    Mindful Monday is a great way to look at a Monday. Good thinking.
    I decided on a “woot woot” Monday to kick off my week. Seems we’re both skipping happily into our new week.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

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