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My Latest Obsession: Waldorf Salad

How do you exactly become addicted to salad?

Well it kind of starts off normally, you try it, you think “yeah baby, that’s good”. Then you find yourself making it at every possible opportunity. I mean it’s a salad for god’s sake.

The classic Waldorf is as old as time but simplistic and eye catching . It’s not unlike a diamond solitaire ring! Just don’t eat your rock though….silly!

I love this by itself or with a little side of tuna, chicken or grilled pork. I find it a better pairing with white meat types rather than red.

Hold tight, this will literally take a moment

Serves 2

1 large green apple, julienned (Zyliss is the king of kitchen gadgets, get a mandolin with this julienne attachment)

Shallots (1 single stalk) or 1/2 a Spanish onion, finely chopped or sliced

Big handful of roasted walnuts, smashed slightly

3 large celery stalks, finely chopped

Inner yellow leaves of the celery, just pop all of them in after a chop

Good quality, whole egg mayo (jar is fine!)

Salt and pepper

Lemon juice, fresh squeezed

Place all ingredients in a bowl to combine and toss together. Add a little lemon juice to prevent the apple form browning. Because of the apple it’s best prepared closer to serving. Layer some leaves and place your waldorf on top.

(wo)Man’s Best Friend
Keep It Simple, Sweetcheeks #nofchallenge

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