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Nat Carter’s Favourite No Sugar Christmas Recipes

It’s that time of year when parties, food and celebrating with friends is high on my priority list. After all, who could blame me right? Food is king. Whilst I am still refraining from sugar, I don’t miss out on delicious foods at this fun time of year.

Below are a few of my favourite recipes from some of my favourite chefs. They are not tricky or time consuming and I just truly love cooking and eating them. I hope you get a chance to try a few. The take home message is: there is no missing out! Enjoy!

Pasta dish:
Panfried Gnoochi:
Best roast potatoes:
Sugarfree Nutella:
Butternut pumpkin side:
Suckling Piggie:
Cheesy shortbread:

Great to accompany summer snags:
Ceviche with prawns:
Chocolate bites:
Brekky pancakes:
More prawns, more pasta:
I add ginger to these to make delicious Christmas cookies:
2 Quick salads you can take to a summer picnic:

Chocolate mousse:

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