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Nat Carter’s Outdoor Fitness Training Program Sydney New Intake April 11th 2016

Nat Carter’s Outdoor Fitness Training Program Sydney New Intake April 11th 2016

Can you really leave the gym behind but still get awesome results? Yes You Can!

Nat Carter’s Outdoor Fitness Training Program Sydney, starting 11th April 2016 at two locations with New Outlook Fitness is your training remedy:

  1. Surry Hills, Prince Alfred Park Monday/Wednesday  530 pm & 630 pm
  2. Centennial Park, Randwick Tuesday/Thursday 615 am & Monday 915am & Thursday 1030am (Mum’s and Bub’s friendly!)


– Get fitter, stronger, leaner and more body confident with our female friendly workout (we know all the right spots to target!)

– Say goodbye to boring workouts- this is full body training & FUN. Workouts are fast and are only 45 minutes. Lift weights properly and under guidance. Learn about effective, quicker ways to tone up your body and maintain a healthy body weight.

– Train regularly and affordably with an experienced PT! Our classes are under $20 (Yes!). Either 1-3 per week. Most of my girls train 2 x week with me

– Suitable for all fitness levels, even beginners or those girls who are already fit

– See results and stay committed with PT & Fitness Expert Nat Carter, guiding you the whole way and amping you up with just the right amount of motivation

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More of the 1-1 kinda gal? I’ve got a intro PT package just for you 3 x 30 minute session to help set you up with solid foundations and kick start your goals! Email me: to apply

Feedback from Nat’s Program:

 ”I have really enjoyed training with Natalie at New Outlook Fitness this year. The small groups, affordability and range of fitness levels catered to is really what sells it to me. Each session is a surprise and I enjoy the variety of activities and opportunity for laughter. This year I completed my FIRST TOUGH MUDDER so I’m pretty happy with my improved fitness level.” KR, Sydney

“I LOVE going to Nat’s sessions. I’ve never been this way about exercise. Usually for me, fitness has been erratic. Surging when I put on some weight, followed by starving myself after a big few months of eating and drinking, and then dying down, just for me to return to feeling the same – sluggish, tired and irritable. With Nat there is no big gym and strange equipment to be intimidated by, and there is no judgement of how you look, everyone’s body is different. We workout outdoors and with Nat it’s all about building strength, and doing it consistently, with a lot of fun, laughs and variety. I never know what we are going to do in each session, and I look forward to it with a mix of dread and anticipation, but more anticipation these days. This is because I can see the changes in my body. I can see and feel my body is firmer, my skin and hair are healthier, and I am sharper and have more energy than before. The other women that train with Nat are equally inspiring – showing up every week, working hard and laughing harder at many of our sessions. Nat’s sessions are great if you are looking to get fit in a safe and warm environment with a lot of fun” AW, Sydney

Thank you so much for being such an incredible trainer – I always look forward to your sessions – you’re so good at what you do & have SO much knowledge! MC, Sydney

Watch more from Nat here on her FB page  or download her health eating, low sugar ebook here

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