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Natalie Carter’s Favourites: Smart Fitness Buys

I ‘m always happy to bring you quality products on the forefront of fitness. Here’s some Smart Fitness items I’ve recently popped in my “I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS” category. What is your favourite?

Vapur Anti-Bottle:

Who has 500 plastic drink bottles in the back of their car, or in their handbag or at the bottom on your gym bag? (everyone replies MEEEEEEEEE!) Oh great, I’m not alone!
Plastic bottles are such a drag not only for the environment but also for the space deprived. I was so happy to find the Vapur Anti-Bottle as it really jumped out at me quite literally, it leaped into my bag and I was drinking my water out of it at my next workout. Re-usable, freezable, attachable, foldable, washable and identifiable. I’ve be taking the Element 1 litre “anti-bottle” around with me throughout the day and also during my workouts. The Reflex would be perfect to take bushwalking/hiking as it folds and clips to you, making your hands available for climbing up rocks. Yes, we are hard core! Head to Vapur’s website to purchase and check out the full range (which includes kids anti-bottles too! Great to get the  kid’s drinking more water.)

 Reflex 500ml RRP $18.95
Element 1 L RRP $25.95


Another great product I stumbled across was the PhysiPods insoles. Created and designed by a podiatrist, these insoles are an affordable way to aid the foot throughout the gait cycle, offering maximum support and biomechanically correct foot alignment. Using the latest engineering, technology and highest quality materials, PhysiPod Orthotics will offer optimum control and comfort in prefabricated Orthotic therapy. PhysiPod Orthotics can be used in the treatment of many foot and lower
limb complaints, such as:

• flat feet and over pronation
• plantar fasciitis/heel spur
• metatarsalgia/ball of foot pain
• Morton’s neuroma
• shin splints
• inner knee pains
• lower back pains

Orthotics RRP $80, Also available in full length $90
I’ve been wearing mine (I suffer from pronation and do have casted orthotics but prefer PhysiPods as they are a better solution for me) whilst running and doing the day. I personally find them less aggressive (in a positive way) to a standard casted orthotic. I’ve been playing around with my running style and footwear, as you know I’m in love with my Nike Free of late but I do require added support for my feet. I’ve had a stress fracture in the past and whilst I’m a fan of barefoot running, I feel precaution must be taken when adopting this running style. Transition time need to be taken if  you go from a supportive running shoe (your standard Asic, Brooks or New Balance) to a minimalist shoe (like a Vibram Five Finger or Nike free). You can’t expect to run 10 km and not have the body rebel. Slow integration is necessary. If you do suffer from any of the problems listed above, placing your PhysiPod Orthotics in your shoe of choice can be a winning solution for minimal cost & time. Obviously they aren’t a made to measure solution however they can be altered (with black inserts, as shown in the diagram) to provide more support. Full length or 3/4 length is a personal perference, both offer the same support. 

I found these guys at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo 2012 and was very impressed with their range. Along with PhysiPod Orthotics and other handy products they have massage balls. Ideal for self-massage and trigger point work. The quality of the balls was excellent (really firm and these ones don’t deflate when you put pressure on them. In essence this is what you want in a massage ball: firm and one that hold it’s shape. Great for ITB, gluts, rhomboids and upper traps. Two sizes gives you that extra flexibility, or, one for home and one for the office. 

Massage Balls $15

Keeper Of My Body (KOMB) are a fashion forward new activewear range. It was developed by a Personal Trainer with function in mind. Their bright fushia’s and tangerine’s are definitely on trend for this season. The thing I love about KOMB is their clean lines and functionality of their range. No loud, intense slogans splashed across the chest of their singlets and the range lends it’s to be worn after your session, think coffee with the girls or shopping in style to pick up a healthy, quick dinner. 
The awesome thing about KOMB is they have a strong sense of community and are not just an activewear brand. They were involved in supporting Fit For Good, a very much needed initiative for the less than fortunate members of our community that need access to a healthy lifestyle. The launch of KOMBTV is exciting for all of those people involved in a fitness industry but also those who love all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Check out their Facebook page and get involved.

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