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Natalie Carter’s NoSugar Challenge: 50DaysNoSugar


STOP PRESS: WOW! The 50DaysNoSugar Challenge was featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise!

Our next NoSugar Challenge is here! #50DaysNoSugar will be starting from 1st July 2012. There has already been a massive amount of interest and support for this challenge (which makes me SUPER EXCITED!!). I’ve lined up great prizes also to make this a little more worthwhile. We have peeps from all over the GLOBE participating, that is so awesome!

NoSugarVember (My 1st NoSugar Challenge) went really well last year. During the month of November, we cut sugar and most of the other white stuff (white bread, potatoes & pasta) from our diets. Many of you lost weight and improved your energy levels. I know too well that people fall off their own personal wagons (I know I do at times!) hence the reason I thought a mid year challenge may snap us out of our self loathing and pull us together to complete another challenge. Many of my Aussie followers will probably be feeling the cold now (as it’s Winter here) and be participating into a little excessive comfort food eating and red wine drinking? Am I right? So it’s time to tighten those reins and pull yourself together.

I want to make a firm statement here that while I definitely support the reduction of sugar in one’s diet, this challenge isn’t about removing food groups, such as fruit (a source of many nutrients and vitamins) and as many keyboard warriors out there like to state “Do you know that carbs are essentially sugars” or “we NEED sugar” (yeah…thanks, I’m aware of it all). We need glucose (which food breaks down to). We aren’t removing our carb sources, we are simply changing them to better sources and making substitutions. Further onto the Fructose debate, it may well and truly can be killing us however science is yet to offer a proven study. In the mean time though there is nothing wrong with reducing our overall sugar intake and becoming healthier right? On my plan you will be having sources of fat, carbs, protein (all the essential macro nutrients) the building blocks to optimal nutrition. You can even splash on a glass of red here and there (and before the keyboard warriors start up again, check out what happens during fermentation). Be aware that your results will possibly be better if you refrain from drinking all together and therefore make your own minds up about that. ANY alcohol can alter the blood sugar levels and as we all know (some more than others!) alcohol lowers inhibitions, which may result in breaking your challenge and saying “F%^& it , I’m having dessert…one pizzzz of thizzzz cake won’t hurt meee!”. Well you may be right, you won’t explode into a million pieces but what is the point of committing to a challenge….huh?

Why should you get involved? Well definitely for the above mention reasons and also:

– To improve health and clean up your current eating habits
– Strength in numbers. You will officially be part Team New Outlook Fitness
– To be supported on a journey
– Share and manage cravings together
– Help shift a few kilos and tighten up that mid section
– Curb sugar and sweet cravings
– Increase your immunity during flu season by staying away from sugar
– Increase energy and sleep better

How do you participate & what do I get from registering?

– Support from me and the gang!
– The FREE* NoSugar Food Plan complete with tips and tricks for success
– Entry into our prize draws
– Discounts for fitness plans with New Outlook Fitness
– A feeling of sheer AWESOMENESS!……….Hang on you still have a chance to be awesome just subscribe 

*You must register before 25th July 2012 to receive the plan for free, if you missed the cut off don’t fret you can purchase it below! 

Purchase the 50DaysNoSugar Plan here 

You also can participate in the Instagram challenge I have (see the image above). It’s all a bit of fun and hopefully will help you stay committed and focused. I have some great prizes to giveaway too, so hurry and register!

I will be tweeting with the hashtag #50daysNoSugar, so please use it so I can find your tweets! Same applies for Instagram. Please share the above pic to spread the word to more like minded peeps. Subscribe to my newsletter! (all the cool kids are!)

P.S NEW Facebook page, interact with participants

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