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Natural Solutions To Fix Annoying Body Problems

Natural Solutions To Fix Annoying Body Problems


Got an annoying health problem? Arrrggghhh! If it’s not Hayfever, it’s mosquito bites- They weigh us down and they are just NOT fun. I’m about to tackle some of the most common and give you easy and natural solutions to fix them. Up first, mozzie bites- my worst!

Mosquito Bites

You may find you are getting eaten alive when you are sweaty or exercising because body temperature and skin chemicals can help attract mosquitoes. So try to stay as cool and dry as you can. Light coloured, loose fitting clothing provide some of the best protection, but if you are already bitten, Michelle, GAIA organic skin company, recommends you try:

Not scratching the bite- it will only irritate your skin further and could lead to infection. Give it a light wash with a soap and sulphate free cleanser suitable for sensitive skin and cool water.

Using a cold compress or ice pack A bag of frozen peas are handy here as cold causes the vessels to constrict, so that the amount of blood is reduced around the bite.

Organic Calendula Extract – An herb with soothing, moisturising properties which assist with itchiness. Organic Chamomile Pure Essential Oil – ultra- soothing herb, whether used in a tea or applied to the skin. It is rich in the bioflavonoids apigenin, luteolin and quercetin. Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil – One of the most popular essential oils for its calming scent, lavender is known to be antimicrobial as well as soothing. Organic Evening Primrose Oil – may also help reduce the swelling and itching associated with mosquito bites due to its skin moisturising properties.

Smelly Feet (and chaffing)

You can reduce the bacteria that causes odour by creating a drier environment for your feet and create a natural barrier to minimise chafing underarms, thighs or skin folds by using a natural cornstarch powder. Use alone under clothes and in shoes or add one or all of the below to a mix:

Organic lavender pure essential oil is a great addition as it is natural anti-bacterial, is calming and cooling on skin and smells lovely too!
organic sweet orange pure essential oil is fragrant and fresh and is great for treating dry, irritated skin as it softens the epidermis is astringent and also deodorising. Organic chamomile pure essential oil is super soothing, calming and cooling for skin. Great in a cool foot bath or cold compress.


Claire Richardson, an Osteopath says, Osteopathic treatment has been suggested to be able to help with mucus drainage, neck and face swelling and ease of breathing. Whilst Osteopaths can’t stop the allergic reaction itself, manual therapists can apply treatment to the lymphatic channels in your head and neck in order to encourage your body to flush out the leftover waste products from all that snot and bacteria (if infected)

Tracie from Tracie Talks Health says “Eating fresh pineapple, it’s filled with Vitamin C and Bromelain to boost immunity and reduce inflammation of the sinuses. A short nap will also do wonders to dry up sinuses and clear hayfever”. She also has the low down on some more body problems and how to fix them-fast!

Bad Breath

Eat fresh mint leaves. So tasty and leaves breath fresh for hours. Give them a good wash before and munch away


Drink plenty of water and have a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar 20 mins before meals will get things moving!


Limit gluten/wheat and sugar. Water will help to flush the digestive system and reduce bloat, limiting common allergens and sugar will ease digestion and limit bloating.

Cramps (muscle)

Increase water consumption and add foods high in magnesium. Muscle cramps can be prevented and cured with magnesium.

Chapped Lips

Lana King, Create Your Own Cosmetics, reminds us that “Lips don’t contain oil glands like your skin does, so they can dry to become chapped very easily. Wind and exposure to UV rays, can compound the situation leading to water loss and chapping. Studies have shown that many types of toothpaste contain ingredients that can be irritating enough to causing dryness and chapping of the lips. Consider these tips to protect your lips: – Before going out in cold, dry weather, apply a lubricating lip balm. Reapply often while outdoors. – If you tend to lick your lips, avoid flavoured lip balm which may tempt you to lick your lips even more. – Drink plenty of fluids, and moisten the air in your home with a humidifier. – Avoid contact with irritants or allergens in cosmetics or skin care products. You can even create your own lip balm with all natural ingredients”.


1/2 tspn beeswax

1/2 tspn Carnauba wax

1/2 tspn Shea Butter

1 tspn Coconut Oil

1 tspn Castor Oil

1 ml Vitamin E

1/2 ml Lavender Essential Oil

In a heat-proof bowl, combine beeswax, and carnauba wax. Add one spoon of Shea butter before melting all together in the microwave. Next, mix in a spoonful each of coconut oil and castor oil. Always mix everything thoroughly together. Don’t forget one millilitre of vitamin E oil and the lavender essential oil too. Once everything is mixed together, get the mould and spray with some isopropyl alcohol to sterilise it. Prepare the mould by fusing it together and securing a rubber band around it. Pour in the lip balm mixture just until the mould is filled up. Leave for a few hours or place in the refrigerator for it to harden and then, it’s off to unmoulding! Simply place the lip balm stick in the lip balm container. It’s really easy to do, you just have to be a bit careful and patient.

What’s your most annoying body problem that you battle?

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