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New Outlook Fitness: Wins Randwick City Business Excellence Award (Fitness Category) 2011

It was an incredibly exciting week for myself as the owner and founder of  New Outlook Fitness. I was nominated in the Randwick City Business Excellence Awards 2011 in the category of Outstanding Fitness. I found myself up against some big gym chains so was feeling a little nervous, however I was confident in what I do & what I offer my clients, so I knew we still had a shot. I plied myself with several glasses of vino (just in case I didn’t win, at least I’d be tipsy!). The Fitness category was finally up….eek! To be honest the wine was doing it’s job so I wasn’t nervous but I was secretly crossing all fingers and toes whilst maintaining composure. I had Amanda (New Outlook Fitness’ newest trainer) by my side. Also, my beauties from Creations Salon (also nominated and big winners in their Beauty Category). It was announcement time…..and the winner is……N (we all burst into screams as there wasn’t anyone else with a business name starting with the letter N…. Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh!) …Ew Outlook Fitness….screams continued…smile spreads across my face, cameras, lights everywhere…..straightening dress…did a quick bicep flex for camera (I have no idea why?! Well I do, I love my muscles)….talking the long walk down to the stage, whole time still in this what the Academy Awards are like? I accepted my award, few happy snaps (my smile is over the top just looks silly now!). I also had a chance to make a little speech.  Something in the way of: 
 ” I’d like to thank all my fabulous clients, without them I would have no one to help. I thanked sponsors and also decided to stick it up the gyms and told people about what New Outlook Fitness does “we are an outdoor/ at home based service and not one of those sweaty, stinky gyms” and that was my less than 15 mins of fame up on stage. What a blast! 

Time for another speech:

I wanted to say THANK YOU all so much for the support you have given me.  Whether it’s reading my blog, your lovely comments on my Natalie Carter  Facebook page,  New Outlook Fitness FB page  or on Twitter. I really do appreciate and love your feedback, after all it’s YOU I’m doing it for. I love spreading my expert knowledge to improve how we see our bodies, train our bodies and feed our bodies. I felt so honoured seeing all your beautiful, kind messages. My plan is to keep doing what I’m doing only bigger and better and I hope I can satisfy your fitness & health appetites.

Here’s some images of the night for you to enjoy!

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