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No Added Sugar Apple Crumble

One word: DEVINE! Made in minutes and makes for a mouth watering end to any meal

A silicone muffin tray works well for this recipe, as does a set of small ramekins

Makes approx 6

300g stewed apple (can use other fruit; peaches/berries). Be extremely lazy and use canned pie apples!
Hazelnut meal 60g
Coconut flakes 30g
Cinnamon ground
Thick Greek yoghurt (to dollop)

Place stewed apple in the bottom of each muffin tray or ramekin, dust the top of aple with a thin layer of cinnamon. Now, sprinkle the hazelnut meal and coconut flakes over the fruit so it act as a crust and press down lightly to pack into the muffin trays.

Place in a pre heated oven, 160 degrees celsius, till brown and warmed through (approx 10-15 mins). Serve with a big dollop of thick Greek yoghurt. Carefully run a spoon around the outside edge to remove crumble from silicone muffin tray.

BONUS: These are gluten free, paleo, sugar less (bar the natural occurring fruit/nut sugar-which is within acceptable range!), portion controlled and did I mention delicious?

Make this tonight and your whole family will enjoy food-gasms. Don’t bother telling them that there is zero sugar added, they won’t even be able to tell. To continue your sugar free journey drop by to purchase the download ebook recipes and “How-To” guide.

*All recipes are my own (please feel free to share but credit

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