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No Added Sugar Tomato Sauce Recipe

ERRRRMMMAAAGAAAADDDD! Here it is! A simple recipe you can use with minimal ingredients and great for you tomato sauce addicts out there. I know, I continue to change your life!

Commercially made tomato sauce is as you may have guessed FILLED with sugar. It’s a main ingredient. Weirdly, it simply doesn’t need to be there when you make your own. Sugar is added to extend self life but store this in the fridge and you’ll get at 60 days out of it.

Serves loads (about 5 cups o’sauce)


800g tin of diced tomatoes or use fresh (What are you? Italian!)
3 tbsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp dried mixed herbs
3 squirts of dijon mustard or a few teaspoons of mustard powder
drizzle of olive oil
pepper and a little salt

Place in a heavy based saucepan, on medium heat, place all ingredients in. I like to get the hand mixer out now and just “smooth” out everything in the pot by giving it a quick blend. Stir and leave to bubble for 5 mins, then drop the heat to a simmer for at least 20-25mins. If you have patience you can leave it longer (I never do!). The flavour will intensify so it’s recommended you give it a whirl. Allow to cool on the stove covered. Blend again if necessary, just a quick little once over.

Place tomato sauce in a sterilised jar (just give the jar a good clean and then blast with hot water). Pour cooled tomato sauce in, seal tight, then refrigerate.

This is delicious…
There is no added sugar (your commercial has cups and cups of sugar in it)…
There is a strong tomato tang (kind of the point of a TOMATO sauce)
It’s good
I made it with LOVE…and tomatoes


P.S: I am bringing out an “Old Time Favourites” 50DaysNoSugar eBook (this will be number 3 in the series! More here). It will have old school favourites such as sauces, dressing, cakes, slices, soft drinks, icy poles and jams. All those bits and bobs you need a sugar free version of. WOO HOO!

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