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No I Will NOT Get Onboard Your Weird Body Loathing Deprivation Diet

So……I’m angry, I’m angry at a few things. I’m angry at those women who partake in diets that simply do not nourish and benefit the body. I’m done with those girls that insist low calories or no calories will give them the bodies of their 20 year old dreams. I’m really the most angry with the fact that lot’s of these women know better but for some reason, maybe in a freak “bumped your head” kinda accident, they turn off their brains and forget about everything  professionals have been trying to tell them for years: STOP DIETING! I am angry that we already know the answers but we don’t listen to them!

You think that extra dress size you put on happened over night? Or those thighs magically enlarged since last week. Hello! It happened a) because you forgot to exercise (no pun intended) balance and control with your lifestyle and b) because for the past 3 months you’ve been sitting on your ass doing nothing. Get a grip lady!
I know your next move. What you aim to do is “start being REALLLLLY good” and just stop eating altogether or do some stupid metabolism killing tea detox and then wait for a whole 5 days to have lost all the weight and get the body of your dreams? Am I right? Snap! I know I’m right because I used to think that way. I used to be that diet girl, sometimes the stupid moll is lurking deep down inside trying to make an appearance but mostly she stays in her box, caged (for good reason).

When and why did we stop being sensible and SMART? When did we start listening to what 20 year old Mandy, who sits next to us at work, has to say on dieting and fitness. It is because we envy her 20 year old body- the body that’s not quite finished developing? Why can’t we balance our lifestyle habits? Why do we go for the extra portions and pretend nothing will come of it? We do it because we think our body DESERVES to be punished.

Woman up for crying out loud. Be the empowered GODDESS you were meant to be. You don’t get to be a powerhouse merely surviving on rice cakes and tea, do you? No! Get real.

Let’s change and let’s change today:

1. Get rid of every single diet/low fat/poor excuse for food option that is currently in your fridge/cupboard or desk. Eat fresh, whole and nourishing food. Ask yourself when you go for your next meal “What is my body getting out of this meal?” EAT REAL FOOD!!

2.  Stop doing any form of exercise we do not like. For me personally, I hate dance classes, dance fitness, pilates, frou frou workouts like barre and long distance runs (that’s just to give you an idea about where to start) but I absolutely love lifting weights, working out hard and intensely for short periods, I like hill running or sprinting fast and I also love being in the water. Lucky for me I happen to like all the forms of exercise that are the best for fat loss and body composition. Bloody Awesome! Aim to do some form of moving everyday, not excessively just because you wont to feel good.

3. Start off everyday with a snippet of gratitude. Be grateful that you woke up, first off! Be happy about a new day, be gracious to those around you. You catch my drift. You don’t have to write them down but at least give them some thought.

4. Wear your favourite clothes/shoes/accessories everyday! Stop saving them for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion. When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. I used to be a “save it for a special day” but now since adopting the “JFWI” (just fricking wear it) strategy, I feel great.

5. Throw away your scales. FACT: scales are shit! Question: Would you honestly care if you weighed 70 kilos but had the body of your dreams? What it you weighed 55 kilos but loathed your body? Scales don’t define us, numbers don’t define us. Worry about the clothes you wear, how they fit, how you feel. We ALL know when we’ve been eating too many pies, right? Get real. Less pies, better fitting pants.

6. Be in the NOW. Stop freaking about the future and what is going to happen around the corner or next week or next year. Embrace you and your love ones in this very moment. Get off the phone, stop checking your email 70 times per day and engage in conversations, dance and have a good time.

7. An important one: Change what you want to change. Empower yourself to make the changes that plague you daily. I’ll use myself as an example: When I was overweight, I’d wake up  EVERY morning and look in the mirror or think “Am I skinny yet?” (sad but true). I was doing NOTHING to lose weight or “get skinny”, I was merely wishing. So I turned my “Am I skinny” into “If I want to look amazing I need to work for it”. My thought process started to change, not immediately but slowly and surely it changed. We don’t need crash diets, we just need some extra movement and better food choices.

8. Commit. Turn your commit knob up onto FULL WHACK. Don’t run and hide at the first hurdle or fork in the road. See this journey through. Commit to YOU long term…FOREVER.

9. Seek professional help. Get a nutritional program done & call a trainer. Don’t use money/time etc as an excuse- you spend more money on your shoes and phone bill. Spend money on the things that matter to your sanity. Health is wealth!

Now I want to hear your tip! Please comment below, with your fail safe tip to avoid Body Loathing.

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