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NoSugarVember DAY 30!

We have completed another successful challenge, NoSugarVember! What an awesome way of reducing sugar in our diets and transforming how we feel. Not only that but many of you have got rid of kilos that were lurking around.

Abs4Xmas will be the preceding challenge from NoSugarVember as we have already developed several good habits from this challenge to take into the next. Be aware that as soon as you loosen the reins with your diet (e.g have a chocolate bar here and there, which turns into a weekly binge) you will no longer reap the benefits of removing the sugar in the first place.  Now because I celebrate Christmas, I’m fully aware of the limits some of you may put on this next challenge however there will be an allowance day of Christmas (25th December) for you to indulge. We will pop on an extra day 1st Jan 2012 to make up for this!

So, how do I get value out of all the hard work I did for NoSugarVember? Easy, you follow the No Sugar Challenge For Life Plan and just keep on going! Available for purchase $19.95. Contact me here

Thank you ALL so much for your support with NoSugarVember and following me on Twitter (Make sure you all say hi to me so I can follow you if I don’t already!). I felt like it was the kick up the ass we all needed. Now on to Abs4Xmas and we are set for the new year! Bring it on

How did you all go with NoSugarVember?………

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

4 Responses to NoSugarVember DAY 30!

  1. Full fat helps with satiety levels (keeps you fuller). The idea is to eat less of the full fat product, manage hunger and therefore help maintain appropriate body fat levels. Keep fats between 60g-80g per day

  2. I am allergic to eggs so have a hard time getting enough protein. Do you suggest protein powder? or just trying to eat more other foods such as nuts?

  3. Both are a good idea Paulette, just depending on macronutrients for the day. I love 180 Protein powder (all natural and my ultimate fav) and also Tonic Superfoods (it’s flavoured with stevia)

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