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The Organic Trainer Exercise Tea: Review

The Organic Trainer Exercise Tea: Review

The Organic Trainer, Exercise Tea the new all-natural exercise teas are designed to give you a tea high. Australian made, each blend brings together organic ingredients that help the body to recover after a work. This is free from laxatives and not your typical “skinny/slim” teas that are currently infiltrating our instagram screens and potentially damaging our bodies.

The Organic Trainer Exercise Tea actually supports your body after a workout. This soothing blend contains antioxidants and organic ingredients. There’s no sugar, preservatives or flavours. I love to have mine chilled now that we are coming up to the summer months and it’s great as the base in a smoothie too!

Exercise Tea benefits

Support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation

Help reduce bloating

Help with the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity

Natural energy lift

Promote a calming and relaxing sleep (good sleep blend)

Which cuppa will you choose for your upper?

  • Berry + Hibiscus – this blend has a distinct berry taste and the key ingredients include energising green tea and ginseng for a natural boost, hibiscus to aid digestion and reduce inflammation along with soothing, pain-relieving ginger. Turmeric is also included, which has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicines as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This tea contains flavonoids for their antioxidant effects.


  • Ginger + Lemongrass – our signature blend with its zingy taste. This blend mixes stimulating green tea leaves and ginseng with the power of lemongrass, which can reduce the build up of abdominal fat, and ginger to relieve swelling and pain. Also contains turmeric and flavonoids.

A 100g canister of loose-leaf exercise tea is $26.95 and provides approximately 33 serves. Multi-packs and a beautiful glass and wood tea flask are also available. For more information visit

Also available in a Sleep Tea variety

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