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Pimp your Water: Strawberry Splash

Do you get bored of drinking copious amounts of plain old water? I do!

Water is brilliant for hydration and keeps your body performing its bodily functions. You should aim to drink 1.5 litres to 2 litres per day and more if you are physically active or do a lot of exercise.

They say variety is the spice of life so why not try this next time for a little lift to your day:
Grab your favourite fruit, just a few small pieces (i used strawberries), muddle them in a glass or your water bottle and pour water (filtered is best) over the top. Its like a fancy cocktail, without the hangover! You’ll be the envy of all those around you when you pull out your fancy, pimped out water.

Sometimes its the little things that make you feel awesome. How do you pretty-up boring, everyday healthy food or beverage items?

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