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Playground Workout: The Best Workout For Busy Mums

Kick the kids off the playground equipment and tell them it’s your turn!…..Ok that’s a bit mean but I’m sure you catch my drift. The playground is filled with workout possibilities. Who needs a busy gym when you’ve got one right in your local playground. They all vary, so get creative and start trying a few of these out for yourself. 

Moves to try: 
1. Ab Swing ins, target the arms and core
2. Swing rows, target the back and arms
3. Body weight dips, target triceps with this move. 
Ab swing outs! You could also do this with a plain old normal swing (my park is clearly fancy!), hold that navel to spine 
Row under the cargo net (p.s Hard!), great for the upper body
The brick wall hoist, your whole body will love this

Other options: Bench step ups, walking lunges, pull ups or knee to elbows on the monkey bars 
Try it all in a circuit type situation or focus on reps of 12 for 3-4 sets. Busy women and mums looking for a fun outdoor fitness group can apply here
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