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Pro’s & Con’s Of A Thigh Gap

This is sick……..(sourced from searching “big thigh gap”)

“I need to be skinner”

“Feet together, thighs apart”

“Eww…she has no thigh gap”

“Push, push, till your thighs don’t touch”

I decided to write this post just because of my hatred of thigh gaps and the current trend. If you possess one naturally- good for you, don’t send me hate mail. If you strive to have a thigh gap and you bust your hump (literally) to get one- shame on you. Get a life!

Pro’s of possessing a thigh gap

1. Horse riding is easier

2. Congratulations you will forever look like an eight year old

3. No chaffing/rubbing when walking/running- that must feel good

4.  Maybe you can model for one of those Instagram bikini companies now, quit your job!

Con’s of owning a thigh gap

1. You miss all of that food that you drop on your lap when you eat on the couch

2. It’s too breezy, aren’t you cold?

3. Thigh gaps don’t cause happiness, especially when that means excessive dieting/starvation/excessive exercise

4. Your thighs are like best friends, they should never be separated. Now your thighs won’t be besties

5. You resemble a fawn when you do lunges…strrrrange

On a serious note: This push to have a thigh gap is one of the MOST ludicrous fads to hit the media. This post isn’t about skinny shaming or fat rejoicing. Young girls are developing serious f*&ked up body image issues based on current trends. 90% of the female population have thighs without a gap, that touch, that rub together, that are “big”. Who cares? (and yes I hear all you naysayers “But what about leaving the thigh gappers alone?” Well I’m not talking about those that genetically have a wide hip width. This is directed at those who push this “skinny is awesome” agenda and screw the rest of us women up!). Lastly, everything about you and your body can be change and/or embraced. Don’t like your thighs and want to them to appear more athletic- work out. Happy with their size- leave them!. Want to change your negative behaviours such as excessive drinking and smoking- do it!

That is all

x Nat

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