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Pulled Chicken (Taco Hack) Recipe

Pulled Chicken (Taco Hack) Recipe

A bbq chook is a busy gal’s best friend! It can be slung into your shopping trolley and in a moment’s notice transformed into a delicious meal.

I give you: pulled chicken tacos

You’ll need:

BBq Chook (breast meat, shredded)

Can of Tomatoes (tinned or fresh chopped)

Taco seasoning (either packet or make your own with 1 tbsp each of cumin, garlic powder, sweet smoked paprika and a little chilli)

Place your tin of tomatoes and taco seasoning into a oven proof dish, cover and heat for 10 mins on 200 degs celsius, give it a good stir then add your chicken pieces into the tomato/taco mix and then cook for a further 10 mins.

Serve your pulled chicken in tacos with all the trimmings!

It’s a massive winner come dinner time

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