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Quick and Easy Greek Spanakopita

I love Spanakopita, not to mention all Greek food. So I decided to lighten it up and do a bit of an Aussie “rush job” on it. Great news!!! My version is only 450 cals. Not to mention tasty and quick to make.
Really great for a quick lunch with a side salad (if need be)


1 Sheet of Puff pastry or about 3 or 4 of filo pastry

Half a Silverbeet (its the thing that everyone calls spinach) Just the green bits, no stalks

Goat’s milk fetta (about 50g per person)

Herbs: Dill and green shallots (if you want to be fancy)

In a pan, Steam the spinach, until it wilts, its literally 1-2 mins. Then add the cheese and some Salt and Pepper to the same pan.

Lay out the Puff or Filo (if using Filo, you should brush each sheet with a little olive oil and then pop everything on top. I then just roll up the sides until you have a little parcel-ish looking thing(A sheet should easily serve two )

Place it in the oven on a tray for about 20-25min till its golden brown

Serve it with a green salad with a little Extra Virgin. YUMMO!

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