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Realistic Ways To Break-Up With Plastic

Realistic Ways To Break-Up With Plastic


Plastic is everywhere! You do your best to avoid it but it crops up in many aspects of your life. With more and more data coming through about the dangers of plastic for our health there’s never been a better time to start to limit your need for it. I’m all about doing my bit for the environment (and I hope you are too!) and it’s amazing just a few simple little things can really impact the planet. It’s your choice how you go about cutting down your plastic usage whether it’s cold turkey or gradually cutting back- only you can know what will work best for long term compliance. So without having to change too much of your life (I’m all about being realistic with this too!) let me share with you some ways we can decrease our plastic use.

At home

  • Stop using drinking straws, try a metal one instead.
  • Use glass jars for pantry items instead of plastic containers, that also goes for storing leftovers try jars instead of plastic containers.
  • Use refillable bottles for your soaps etc (usually you can buy a larger portion of product to act as a refill) or make your own household cleaners etc
  • Reuse glad wrap and sandwich bags multiple times or better yet buy reusable covers
  • Recycle! Sort through your rubbish. This simple (obvious) tip is often overlooked. I see so much stuff in rubbish bins that can be recycled. Take 2 minutes and sort it properly.
  • Reuse in general! We throw away so many things around the house they can be fixed, given away or upcycled. Get creative and think about the product in question before it goes in the bin.


  • Every time you shop make a point to ask for no plastic bag- always have a small fold up material bag with you. It takes a little getting used to and it’s more willpower than anything but this little thing makes a difference. Most of us can carry a few items without much struggle from the supermarket to the car.
  • Have material or reusable bags in your car all the time. Make an effort to always put them bag in the car and in sight for your next trip.
  • If you don’t need a receipt, tell the cashier
  • Be aware of products with excessive plastic and plastic covering. Hello-Fresh food section of most supermarkets!!!! What is with that? Do not buy it. Try brown paper bags or if you can get away with it just keep them loose in your basket. Tip: Get a trolley and put all your bulky big things inside but keep a small carry basket for the fruit and veg. Go one better- Only buy your fruit and veg from smaller grocery stores or farmers markets.
  • Try buying clothing/furniture made from raw natural materials (cotton, wool, wood, steel etc). Also for kids presents aim to not buy plasticy (junk) that breaks easily
  • Aim for better quality not cheap and nasty.


  • Detox your beauty bag- there are plastic lurking inside things such as facial scrubs, body scrubs and toothpastes. Stay away from microbeads. They are banning the beads now which is awesome news but there are still products that contain them to watch out for.
  • Buy wooden handled brushes (makeup, teeth, hair etc)

Out and about

  • Stop drinking bottled water!
  • No straws at cafes
  • Use reusable or recyclable cutlery
  • Bring a reusable takeaway coffee cup. Forgot your reusable cup? Ask for no lid
  • See rubbish flying around-pick it up. If everyone just picked up a few pieces at the park, beach or on the street it would make a difference long term.

What are some ways you try to minimise your plastic use? 

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