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You Really Should: Go On A Roadtrip

A dear beautiful friend of our family died recently, I say friend but she was more like a grandmother to us all. She looked after me from a very young age and was a big part of our life. We all decided to jump in the car and drive to QLD to attend the funeral. When I say WE, I mean my Parents. Yep, road tripping with my parents. Ok, stay with me.

It has been a loooooong time since I’ve road tripped along the good ol’ Pacific Highway and it’s been even longer since I’ve been in a car with my parents for more than an hour or so. My parents are pretty easy going but even they can get very VERY annoying after a while.

So onwards we trek! Bound for QLD, the car packed to the max and snacks at the ready. No one needs to tell me that a plane trip is only an hour, I’m well aware of this but a combo of long weekend and school holidays put our airfares at $700 each one way (Ludicrous, right?!) so because clearly I’m boarder line insane I suggested we drive.

We all made it in one piece and ended up having a great little bonding session complete with “I spy” but more to the point we explored some great beaches and places on the way back into NSW. We really do have some stunning locations on the North Coast and furthermore when you do just zip up via plane you miss all the beauty and just get the airport in all it’s glory. It got me thinking a road trip can really be a fun way to get in a mini break every so often and it’s a cheap way to holiday. Here are some great places in NSW to stop:

Cabrita Headland

This beach has it all! Take it all in at the lookout

img_1155 img_1156


Brunswick Heads

This tiny town is for you if you love the laid back, chilled lifestyle and hanging by the river. Grab a table (they are all hand painted) and enjoy the view. Perfect spot for a paddleboard or a canoe in the river.


Lennox Head

If you end up heading to Byron, it’s worth making a stop off at Lennox Head- it’s less crazy busy and equally if not more beautiful. Great spot for a dolphin watch. We saw a pod of 4-5 having a good ol’ frolic.


Sapphire Beach

This little gem outside of Coffs Harbour is one of those real untouched places, if you have got the cash you’ll still able to snap up a beachfront piece of land! We visited friends here, who have ocean views galore from their house. This is the perfect place to rent a beach house

img_1190 img_1184

When’s the last time you got in the car and had an old fashioned road trip? 

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  1. Did a road trip with my adult sons last year to country victoria for a wedding . I had to endure loud annoying music and lots of boy stuff but it was awesome . Good old car therapy I call it 😂✔️❤️️

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