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Recharging Vitamin C & Rose Toner

Recharging Vitamin C & Rose Toner

You should know by now my little foray into natural beauty- It’s going great guns and I’m loving the switch. I’ve decided to bring in the beauty big guns today and get my fabulous friend Bele from Blah Blah Magazine to run your through a great homemade recharging facial toner! Cybele Masterman (Bele) trained as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist and journalist. After working as all of the above has found herself on a quest for a beautiful and meaningful life that doesn’t cost the earth. Let’s get cracking!


I need to tell you a little secret that may just revolutionise your skin care. It seems like a simple little thing, but it’s important, so I hope you’ll bear with me while I preamble for a bit…

Our skin is slightly acidic (pH 5.5, while water is neutral pH 7 and therefore a little bit more alkaline than our skin), but commercial and foaming cleansers are usually at the far end of the scale and very alkaline. This dehydrates and prematurely ages the skin, because the skin is happy when slightly acidic. This is where my little secret comes in…

Tone up

I know a lot of people don’t worry about toning, which is a shame because it may just be the most important part of your skincare and where the magic can be found.

Considering even water is a bit too alkaline for us, you really want something pH balanced to go on your skin before you moisturise. A diluted vinegar toner like this green tea toner is ideal. However, I know a lot of people are put off by the smell of vinegar, so I poked around for a good alternative.

From what I can tell, a lot of the good quality toners by the likes of Weleda, Dr Hauschka and Aesop are appropriately pH balanced, but they can be expensive and there is a simple and elegant solution…

Vitamin C powder, also known as ascorbic acid. It’s usually pretty easy to find in the local pharmacy or health food store, because people often take to help fight off a cold.

Vitamin C is a gentle acid and perfect for rebalancing the skin. It has the advantage of doing a bit of exfoliating and softening the skin along the way too, so it’ll leave the skin brighter and fresher.

Rosewater is hydrating and nourishing for the skin and did I mention it smells divine. It’s usually available at chemists or health food stores too. You can use the stuff from the supermarket, but it isn’t usually as good quality.

Vitamin C and rosewater

1 cup rose water
1/4 of a teaspoon powdered Vitamin C

Simply stir the vitamin C into the rose water, pour into a bottle, I’d recommend a spray bottle because it’s easier to use and you can use it to freshen up while you’re working out, because I know how hard Nat gets you moving. Test on the wrist before using to check how your skin will react. And just quietly, this also makes a beautiful Christmas gift.


Bele x

What’s challenging you in your skin care? I’d love to hear.

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