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REVIEW: Schmidt’s Deodorant

REVIEW: Schmidt’s Deodorant

It’s always a good day when my natural beauty and body goodies come! I needed a few things so decided to be adventurous and try some different products in the deodorant department.

Previously I’ve been a fan of Black Chicken paste and did a review here

I’ve also tried a spray natural deodorant from Sukin, I talked about it on my FB page

They both worked well for me but the paste gets messy and the spray is wet on your armpits (drips down etc) and I question how natural it is, so I really wanted a to try a formula with less hassle- enter the Schmidt Deodorant stick. You can totally trust everything on Nourished Life is 100% natural and no “fake natural”. Natural is totally a buzz word in the beauty department and they can be sneaky in an attempt to get your dollars.

What Schmidt’s claim on their website:


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick


  • Award-winning formula helps neutralize odor naturally
  • Plant-based powders help absorb wetness without the use of aluminum
  • Scented with essential oils; no artificial fragrance
  • Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: World-class customer support, easy returns and exchanges
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky feel. Easily absorbed; application requires only a small amount
  • Certified Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Gluten-free

My experience:

The deodorant stick is super handy, I’ve used paste deodorants before and it does become a slight hassle- the stick is way more convenient. Quick and mess free with little product waste.

The smell rocks, glad I went with the Lime and Bergamot. Fresh and clean. Dry feeling under the “pits” it’s definitely not wet or sticky.

I purchased from Nourished Life for $20, it’s quite a large 92g stick so felt the value was there. Happy for now with the formula and the application- thumbs up and think it’s a great option for pong-free pits.



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