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Rocking My World Right Now

This is my ode to the things in my life right now that I like, love or really, really dig! It’s a melting pot of health, beauty, lifestyle and fashion

Babe Scrub: Scrubbing dry skin and hydrating it with salt, sugar, green tea and oils was a highly enjoyable experience. I do love a regular scrub to at least give me the illusion that I’m taking good care of my largest organ. Babe scrub uses all natural ingredients and have some cool scrub combos: Coffee, Salt and Green Tea. The head babes say is it’s great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, scars and stretch marks. What did I think about the product? I dug it! I used the Green Tea Scrub (reduces redness, acne/blemishes/scars and tones and tightens the skin). My skin definitely felt smoother and more nourished. The scrub is quite coarse but the you can feel the oils working their magic in there. I’d love to cake myself in the coffee scrub next, one big giant espresso- how divine!

Kantha Quilt from Vintorage: It’s bright, It’s quirky and living at my place! I’m using it as my lying on the couch reading a book or watching TV blanket. It’s so vibrant and goes well with my bright vibe I’ve got going on in my lounge room.

DMK Sunscreen SPF50: I’m such a naughty girl when it comes to wearing sunscreen, my poor skin is going to ageeeeeee. I’m made a promise (kind of) with my beauty therapist at Quiet Space,   that I would make an effort to apply regularly. I’ve been using the DMK range of skin care for almost two years now and I would never use another product on my face! The quality of my skin has improved so much- It’s stronger, brighter and “fresher”. This is not your run of the mill product and needs expert application.

Nuzest Good Green Stuff: My afternoon pick me up. A teaspoon of the greens in a small glass of water or Natural Raw C is perfect for the afternoon slump. My slump is anywhere from 3pm to 3:30pm
and rather than push through or down extra caffeine, I’ve really been getting into my greens shot. The GGS is packed with goodness (over 70 Natural ingredients) and I can honestly feel the surge of goodness flowing through my veins after I down it. Most greens supplements are average tasting and well below average when it comes to their ingredients quality. Nuzest is different and hence get’s my official seal of approval.

Zara Trafulac Boyfriend Jean: I’m obsessed! I don’t always dress like a slobby trainer, I actually really love dressing up and wearing makeup and looking pretty- as weird as that my sound. This pic is grainy (an old lady took it who has questionable iphone skills!) but I’m sure you get the idea! Bofy hotness. They dress up with heels, they can be down played with baggy tees/knits or shirts. I’m a total fan. The boyfriend jean can be a no go area with a larger legged lady however try loads of different pairs on and you’ll find your dream pair (just like I did!).

Sheike Battlefield Skirt: Love! Black on black on black. A few decent leather look or leather pieces are key to a good classic (sexy) wardrobe. Some faux leather (like this skirt) are almost better wearing and fit better than real leather. I say this based on a pair of leather pants I had made, that seemed like a great idea at the time but ended up fitting terribly and actually spilt! Maybe my legs are too awesomely large for leather leggings?!

Leopard everything!

Snow leopard, straight up leopard, fluro leopard…LEOPARD! These little flattie bad boys are just cheap and cheerful (a great way to buy on trend items, in my opinion. Spend your hard earned cash on classics/basics that never go out of style then ascent with on trend items that are cost effective). 
Chevron has made an impact in my new home. I’m kind of obsessed. The 70’s throwback has made a strong impact in my life and it’s popping up in bedding, fashion, children’s wear and even wallpaper. I was keen to update my new apartment so I took a trip to Freedom where I was really impressed with their range of affordable but really on trend items. I’m usually shocked when I found out the cost of a lot of homeware’s items, mini heartaches at times (seriously I’m not paying $200+ for a cushion!). I like to update regularly (with throws and cushions so generally- like my fashion- I do the big ticket items on the basics and freshen it up with lower cost items. I did a mini makeover for less than $500 and was impressed with my haul: bright outdoor setting, large rug, door mat (below) and pineapple ornament (must have a pineapple!).
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