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Satay Zoodles

 Yep, I said zoodles. WTF are zoodles? Welllll, my friends, they are noodles made from a trusty kitchen gadget (a spiralizer or if you are me, a potato peeler!) and the humble zucchini!

If you are anything like me over some weekends….

Come Monday, you are like….
Ok ok, so I may be over exaggerating a little but I know I’m hitting a nerve with some of you. Am I right? Am I right? Enter Zoodles…..with satay sauce! 
The satay sauce bit might sound a bit weird when you read the recipe but TRUST ME, you gotta try it! The zoodles are low carb, great after an indulgent weekend, rather than going completley carb-less (and slightly insane), cycling your carb intake is a great way to manage body fat levels during the week and then relaxing slightly come the weekend. This sauce is also a better choice nutritionally, given the fact there is ZERO sugar and NO processed shitty oils/chemicals/preservatives in it. Here we go!
Single serve
Satay Sauce:
1/2 avo 

1-2 tbsp peanut butter
chicken/veg stock (just a few dribbles really, just to loosen the sauce)

Blend all these ingredients in a mini processor and you’ll have a creamy, thick sauce. OK, it’s kinda green and not brown but stay with me here. Place to one side


2 large zucchini
Spiralizer peeler

Using the raw zucchini, fashion noodles using the spiralizer or just use a peeler and move around the whole zucchini to make ribbons. I avoid the centre seedy part.

Now in a pan add other veggie ingredients: carrots, capsicum, bean sprout, snow peas and onions and simply stir fry. Don’t cremate your veggies just a light fry. Add the zoodles and stir though for 1-2 mins (it’s a super light cook with these as they will become mushy if you cook them through). Lastly, add the sauce and give another baby toss. BOOM! Serving time.

Pile the zoodles high on a plate and give yourself a pat on your sexy back!

ADD INS: Feel free to add some protein and herbs/spices to bump up the flavour.

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