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Seriously Good Dairy-Free & Refined Sugar Free Froyo

If you haven’t received the memo, froyo is FILLED with sugar and not just naturally occurring. Some froyo’s contain up to 2 cans of Coke worth of sugar! Bit scary when it’s touted as a healthy alternative to ice cream or other desserts. My version contains much less (roughly 11g all naturally occurring) and it’s so quick to make.

This simple, make-it-with-your-eye’s-closed recipe, will serve 2 froyo fans. Serve immediately or freeze into moulds (this will change the texture though)

You’ll need:

1/2 banana (frozen or unfrozen)
2 handfuls frozen strawberries (cut up for easy blending)
1/4 cup coconut cream (use the creamy chunky bit on top)
1/2 cup coconut water or almond milk (or use the watery bit from your coconut cream)

*You can add a little 1/4 cup tarty plain greek yoghurt if you aren’t lactose intolerant but the strawberries still provide that zing factor and the banana & coconut definitely adds creaminess. If you add yoghurt drop the coconut water/almond milk back to 1/4 cup. This will also no longer make it dairy free (just an obvious heads up!)

Blitz all ingredients with a hand mixer and serve in ramekins. Instant satisfaction guaranteed. It’s such a delicious treat with a clean, fresh after taste not one of heaviness and stodge. Why not serve it for dessert at your next dinner party, are you game?

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