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7 Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

7 Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Fitness Rut

You’ve taken a little hiatus from your fitness and health goals…ok, look I’m not going to hassle you, we all have those times where stuff/life (and our mental state) can get in the way. It’s time to get stuck in and shake yourself out of this rut! Here are a few SIMPLE ways to get out of a fitness rut

Find a program you can maintain year round

Consistency is key- it will take your efforts day in and day out. You don’t get fit but thinking about it- you get fit by doing. Find yourself some non physical goals, something a little more than “I want to fit into a dress”. Think about your performance, mental state, sleeping better or living longer. Physical goals don’t always stand the test of time. It’s always best to incorporate what you love into your exercise routine so you stay committed and interested. If you hate gyms- train outdoors! You will have way more success if you keep going year round as opposed to being a “seasonal” exerciser.

Have your “definitive” moment

You need a definitive moment where you say “right enough is enough, I’m going to work on my health and fitness. It’s human nature! After this “moment”- you can start to eliminate the bulk processed junk food, excessive alcohol and start to focus on whole food nutrition. If you have zero fitness start with a 20 min full body circuit every second or third day plus a 60 minute walk/hike. Some people are wired to be all or nothing but you don’t want to burn yourself out. Aim for 3-4 active days then build to 5-6 days.

Do something fun

I hear trainers all the time say “exercise isn’t supposed to be fun!’. Um…Am I missing something? Of course exercise should be fun, especially when you have to do it daily! I mean it’s not having a cocktail lying on a sun lounger fun but it needs to be close. Why the hell would I want to do something that wasn’t at least minutely enjoyable? I’m not saying you will be enjoy the sweat running in between your boobs or the jelly feeling in your legs from all those lunges but it’s the outcome, the end, the part where you think “shit yeah- I just moved that kettle bell 70 million times and I feel good or when you look at your butt and think “I’m liking this curve today”.

Stop wanting results by tomorrow

Delay gratification! Fitness takes time, strength gains take time. I get that you want to get there as quick as possible so include High intensity Interval training into your cardio routine (HIT). A simple method to follow is performing 8 sets of maximum activity for 20 secs with 10 secs rest (go as hard as you can on a bike or sprint fast up a hill). It burns more calories and helps prevent muscle loss. Great if you want to be lean and burn fat. You must also include weight training to shape your body, focus on all those movements or exercises that you struggle with. Burpees, chins up or perhaps it’s mastering certain kettle bells moves. Stop avoiding and start perfecting!

Don’t set the goal at “Skinny” or “Bikini”

Yeah, yeah I know, everybody needs results for them to see, HOWEVER aim to see past physical goals. If you are an 80 kilo female who wants to drop to a size “skinny” then be prepared to undergo a SIGNIFICANT transformation involving 1-2 years of fricken hard work. Everything needs to be addressed: diet, exercise, mental mind shift, stress, lifestyle, relationships, work satisfaction. ERRRRYTHING! It brings heartache, joy and self satisfaction. How do I know? I’ve done it myself and coached girls to do it. It’s a life long journey not a 12 week plan. A 12 week plan sets the foundations- it’s the ground work. You still need to put it into action each day. A super important thing to remember is your body type/shape- If you are stocky and athletic that is generally where you will sit, if you are tall and lean having a big ass and wide shoulders will not necessarily be your final outcome. Personally, I have a thick and short waist- no exercise or workout plan will make me taller. I am at peace with my body and it’s structure. I am a HIGHLY CAPABLE individual who is a little more than my body. Yes, I can get leaner, Yes, I can get fitter but I’m not about to stop wearing a bikini because I don’t have a six pack. Puhlease! 

Avoid spot reduction

Don’t get into the trap of trying to spot reduce one particular area. You’ll have way more success if you work the body as a whole. Plus you’ll save a stack of time. You really MUST incorporate lifting/weight training. Think: squats, hip thrusts, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups, step ups, pulls ups, dips, planks, twisting movements and plyometric work. Mix up lighter and heavier lifts- one is not better than the other, it’s more about what your body responds better too.

Stop whinging and start doing

Nobody likes a whinger! Stop moaning about being unfit or overweight or weak or “insert gripe here” and just do it. The first step is the hardest but I’ve not met anyone that regrets making the choice to take control of their health. Just aim for small bite sized chunks of workout time- outside or around the house, whatever you feel comfortable with.  If you start with 3 x 5 minute intervals throughout the day- great! If you can do longer intervals- awesome. Tune into your body and aim to gauge it’s response. It’s TOTALLY normal to feel tired/wired/hot/tight/defeated/empowered/buzzing/strong, getting fit takes you through several emotions. Embrace it!

How did you bust through your own fitness rut?

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