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Social Media Management & Training

Social Media Management & Training



Having created many successful marketing campaigns and running all social media with my own businesses including being featured in many online/print media articles and national TV as an expert in my field, I wanted to create an arm of my own business that involves offering support to various other businesses. I found out many other business owners struggle with running their own social media either simply not having enough time to run or not having the know how. Enter “Natalie Carter Talks Socials!”

I freaking love social media, I really do!

It can be tricky to have the knack to promote or deliver your business to the online world. You know you should be online but you just don’t have the skills to start it up and then keep it all going- you are simply too busy trying to run your business. Think of what I do as the same as outsourcing your taxes etc to an accountant. If you don’t want to sit there and tally up the books at the end of the long day, you just pick up the phone and get it sorted. Your socials are exactly the same. I can access your social pages/accounts remotely and can organise everything I need from my end. You get online and show your awesome business to the world and I keep your social media under control!

I offer:

  • Full Social Media management including Facebook ads (Facebook/Instagram are my specialities). Let me run it all for you.
  • Social Media training (in person/at your workplace, step by step how-to run your own social media accounts. This is for when you or your staff feels capable and confident to run your social pages in house after a little guidance by me)
  • Social Media makeovers. Did you just get your tech savvy teen to set up your account and now it’s just sitting there doing nothing? Maybe you need help with new branding etc. Wahoo, here I come!
  • Copywriting. Need help telling your business story? Want some engaging articles/blog posts written? I got you!
  • “Can I pick your brains” consultancy type sessions (face-to face/phone/skype) that allows you to ask me about how to secure media/pr opportunities for your business, any social media and general marketing concerns. We can also give your website the once over and find any “holes” that need addressing. This is all about streamlining your message and brand.

A few tips before contacting me:

  • When marketing any business you need to be willing to spend money to grow your business, you don’t simply become Kardashian famous from a few Facebook posts and a couple of Instagram snaps here and there. Take a few moments to think about what kind of budget your business has.
  • My current clients come from all walks of life: Health/Fitness/beauty, Real Estate & Property Marketing, Trades and Bespoke furniture design.
  • The clearer you are with your goals and vision for your business- the better I can help you.
  • Don’t freak out if you don’t have a website just yet, I can still help you!
  • I’m a straight shooter, what you see is what you get. My “get it done” attitude helps push you through any limitations/blocks you may currently have. I can only work with business owners who possess the same “authenticness”. Social media can be fake enough but there are honest and open ways we can share your business to the right target market.
  • I’d love to help everybody out but sometimes the fit just isn’t right- best way to find out if we can work together is to contact me.

The next step is easy, contact me below and let’s talk about your business!


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