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Soups are in Season

It’s Autumn and it’s getting chilly! Even in sunny Sydney, we experienced our coolest morning of the year! What better way to celebrate the cool wind, naked trees and nights in with some soup!

This is more a stew than a soup. The one thing I know for sure is, its bloody delicious and that’s all that i care about.

I try to get organised and do a big pot that i get at least 6 serving out of. It serves as a speedy lunch for both my partner and I or a breezy dinner when we have both finished up late.

Chicken, Chorizo, Canellini, Tomato and Quinoa Stew/Soup!

  • Fry off the chicken and chorizo till brown.
  • Meanwhile in a big pot dump in 3 cans of tomatoes and 1L chicken stock (I only had water and it turned out fine, use what you have available!) and start to simmer.
  • As always I carefully measured  threw in 4 handfuls of quinoa.
  • When the meats where browned I popped them in with their vegetarian friends and allowed them to mingle and get friendly aka I simmered and waited 60 minutes or so.
  • I also added a can of  drained canellini beans right at the end.

I still was undecided if it was a soup or a stew but I did know it smelt glorious!

I love using the silver foil trays to store my soups in. We don’t heat our food with a microwave so these are very handy! I can pop them into the trays and leave them in the fridge for a few days. The convenience of having meals prepared ensures we eat healthy and immediately (always a necessity for me, as I’m always hungry!)

Whats your favourite soup or stew? Please share your links to easy to prepare soups/stews.

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