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Speedy Breakfast (pre-training)

Before you set out the door for your morning workout try this and fuel yourself for that tough workout! This is a great Breakfast if you are training for performance and need some energy. I generally recommend going without a meal before training, if you are aiming to lose body fat. This is because we want to burn all those excess fat stores in the body before we re-fuel. I have gotten really great results with this method and that’s why I recommend it. If you need energy, say for a long run, then definitely eat this before you train or if you are aiming to build muscle, also try this before you train.

Here’s the low down to prepare this easy, light, pre-workout meal:

Pop your grainy, seedy bread in the toaster.  Once toasted, Slap on some ricotta or fetta cheese and sliced tomato. Such as easy, quick breakfast to grab before training. I recommend waiting at least 1 hr after eating till you exercise. This is a great source of Carbohydrate and Protein. It’s low in fat and will fuel you for a weights workout or long run.

What’s your favourite, quick pre-training breakfast?
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2 Responses to Speedy Breakfast (pre-training)

  1. We really don’t have time to eat before hubby and I hit the gym.. we’re there 5:30 AM so on top of wiping the sleep out of my eyes on the treadmill, I don’t think I could stomach anything at that time of day. On weekends though I’ll have poached eggs on toast with avocado 🙂

    You say to wait 1 hour after eating to exercise.. does it matter how long after you exercise you have your next meal? For me by the time i have a shower and get to work it’s probably close to 2 hours after.. ?

  2. Reezy if you’re training for fat loss, not eating before hnd is fine. However, 2hrs is a little too long to wait to re fuel your body after a workout. 30mins to 1 hour is the optional time to eat after training (even if it was a quick smoothie, say a half portion, then have a 2nd breakfast when you have more time. Hope this helps

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