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Speedy Dinner for 4: Ceviche

Ceviche: is a dish that uses raw fish marinated in citrus juices. The marinating of the fish in the juice cause the fish to “cook”. Choose the freshest fish possible to avoid any contamination and serve the meal immediately. You may want to choose a darker fish (salmon or tuna) which is fine however understand that the “rawness” of the fish will come through, so if it’s your first time ceviche-ing then stick with the white fish.

Serves 4

A white firm fish works best in this dish, ask your local fish monger what’s good at the time. I chose Barramundi and Ling fillet. You’ll need a boneless fillet, to make life easier. When you dice the fish, make sure the pieces are relatively the same to maintain an even “cook”.

500g white firm fish chopped into small bite size chunks
1 whole avocado diced
1 de-seeded cucumber, diced
1/2 packet rainbow salad (available at Woolies; shredded beetroot, carrot and broccoli stems
1 lemon
1 lime
4-5 mint leaves or 1/4 bunch coriander (both is also fine), finely sliced
Corn kernels, removed from one cob of corn
Baby spinach leaves for base of plate
Nigella seeds to garnish(herbs/spices section or fruit shop- in small herb/spice packets. They are a black seed commonly found on  top of turkish bread)
Organic corn or sweet potato chips (available from a health food shop/supermarket)

Place diced fish in a silver bowl, add sea salt, pepper and the juice of lemon and lime. Mix and leave to “cook” in juice whilst you prep other salad items. Chill in fridge whilst all of this is happening

Place your rainbow salad, diced corn; cucumber and avocado, mint/coriander in a bowl and toss lightly together. You can add a little olive oil to the salad if you wish but to be honest it doesn’t need it.

Place a handful of spinach leaves on the base of your plate

Remove fish from fridge and incorporate the salad and fish together, lightly tossing to combine. Place a large handful of fish/salad mixture on the leaves and top with a sprinkle of nigella seeds. Add an extra squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice over the top. To add some crunch serve with a few corn chips or sweet potato chips on the side.

This makes a welcomed addition to your 50daysNoSugar challenge meal options

Enjoy, Fish-faces!

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