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Spring Has Sprung

Ahh Spring! What a fabulous time of year. The new blooms are out, the birds are chirping (louder than ever, I might add) and old man winter has finally gone back into his freezing hell hole where he belongs. Spring is a great time to step back and re-asses where you are at. You should re-assess all aspects of your life, not just Personally but professionally maybe even spiritually.

Now I’m sure you all took notice of my to-do list post (if you didn’t then tsk tsk! Go read it immediately here) What did you achieve? What still needs to be crossed off? Why don’t you make a list- In two separate columns, write “Achieved” and “To Be Achieved”. Jot down all the goals you achieved and opposite all the ones that have yet to be achieved. Now step back and give yourself a pat on the back. Look at all those goals you succeeded in achieving. Well Done, You! Ok! that’s enough, back to work. Let’s shift the focus to those goals that have “to be achieved”. You need to address this side. Do that by putting some dates by which they will completed. E.g. your goal was lose 10 kg, you lost 5 but you’ve got another 5 to go. Put a time limit on it. 5kg say 10 weeks. Or maybe your goal was to jog 3 times per week for 30 minutes but you’ve only managed twice a week. You will set out to achieve this in 2 weeks time for example.

Make sure you allocate a time frame that is achievable. Don’t go too easy on yourself but then don’t go and try to break your neck either. Find a balance.

Did you make any fitness goals? Did you know there is less than 12 weeks to summer, How very exciting! If you or someone you know is having trouble with achieving their fitness goals let them know about MELTDOWN, an outdoor fitness program by New Outlook Fitness. We meet every Saturday for 12 weeks in Centennial Park, Sydney. It’s going to be jam-packed with fun and laughs, possibly tears. The best thing is it’s only $99 for 12 weeks. What an insane bargain! It’s not too late, email to secure the final spots. Be quick!

I’d love the know what you still have to achieve. What time frame have you given yourself?

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2 Responses to Spring Has Sprung

  1. I love reading blogs from this side of the world. Everyone else is talking about how hot summer is and how they can’t wait for fall and the cooler weather.

    As for goals, I had a fairly non-specific goal: “Feel amazing on my birthday”. I decided I was going to be proactive about that 2.5 months ago. My birthday’s Oct 1 and, so far, I’ve been feeling healthier, happier and generally better overall since changing my diet/exercise routine. (aka: actually starting to exercise and being conscious of what I eat!) While I still have a couple weeks, I think I’ve reached that goal.

    My second goal is to be able to wear a gorgeous pair of shots I bought 3 months ago. They’re about 1 size too small currently. If I keep on top of my diet and exercise, though, I have no doubts I’ll be prancing around in them when summer is in full force. 🙂

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