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St..St..Stevia & How To Use It

If you have missed the reference above, it’s a play on words of a Phil

Collins song called Sussudio, an 80's classic! Anyhooo.....moving right along! (bad joke..)

Since the 50daysNoSugar Challenge has begun (we are into our 17th Day!) I thought it

would be a great time to tell you about Stevia, as there is always lots of

questions surrounding sweeteners, especially around recovering sugar
junkies! I've mentioned a few things before on our forum/FB page and if you like, you 

can always go back and have a little peek.

Everyone has an opinion on when to use them and what one's are better than others. I have a strong stand point on them, I use them in emergency situations as I'm trying to

combat sugar cravings, not give in to them. Their are several articles surrounding the

dangers of sweeteners and I think the best way to make a decision is based on trail and

error plus the research out there at the moment.

For now, we have Stephen from Professional Whey (yay!) to tell us the facts about Stevia

If you missed the WPI post he did recently with me, you can read it here  

Nat: What is it?

Stephen: Stevia is the perfect sweetener to add to your protein shakes amongst many
other things. Its 100% natural and has been in use in South America for
over 1500 years. It is a naturally sweet herb native to Paraguay and has
been used to sweeten local teas and medicines, is non-toxic, has virtually
no calories per serve, does not adversely affect blood sugar and is heat
stable up to 200 degrees Celsius.

What is the difference

Stevia Leaf is the raw version of stevia as it is purely the green leaf
ground down into a powder. It is around 20-30 times sweeter than cane sugar
and is not water soluble. It also has a little more of a bitter after
taste, but you do get used to it once you have had it for a while.

Stevia Extract is the more processed version of the plant where they have
taken the concentrated version of plant and removed most (not all) of the
bitterness and leave you with a white powder that is 300 times sweeter than
sugar and is water soluble.

The leaf is for hardcore foodies/healthy!! The extract is
the transitioning sweetener to get you off artificial and onto the leaf.

Why is your product a better option than a supermarket brand such as
Natvia or Purevia

Many of the stevia products in supermarkets are not 100% stevia. For
instance Purevia contains dextrose, cellulose powder, natural flavors as
well as the stevia extract rebaudioside A. This is to make it easy for
consumer to grab a small pack and add it to your coffee, just like you
would sugar. However we try not to patronise our customers and direct them
to take a small amount i.e 0.1g or 1/16th of a teaspoon in their shake.
Natvia is probably the best mainstream stevia product in the super markets
but it is stevia combined with erythritol, again to bulk it up so, you can
use just like you would sugar. Our is 100% Stevia, no fillers or anything
added. It also has a level of 60% Reb A. The Reb A is one of the sweetest
parts of the plant which has the least bitterness and 60% is high but not
so high that its removed the other sweet parts of the plant.

Is it safe? Will I experience any side effects?

In Japan, Stevia extract has been widely used since the 1970’s and is now
approximately in over 50% of Japans sweetened products. They consume over
300,000 pounds per year and no side effects have yet been reported after
more than 30 years of use. Interestingly, Japan has the highest life
expectancy of any country in the world (World Health Organization, 2005).
In relaltion to diabetes studies have shown stevia to improve insulin
sensitivity in rats, and possibly even to promote additional insulin
production, helping to reverse diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

How is it different from sugar?

Its different from sugar in that its lower in calories and supports your
health as opposed to robs you of health.

How regular would you recommend people use it?

You can use it whenever you need to replace sugar or artificial sweeteners.

How much to use?

You use a very small amount such as 1/16th teaspoon which is about 0.1g per serve - 
some people even go for 0.05g as they find it so sweet.... that's about the size of a match stick head

Nat's 50daysNoSugar Challenge Hot Chocolate: 

Match stick head of stevia 
1 Tbsp cacao 
Almond milk (unsweetened) or full fat cows milk) 

I froth it on my espresso machine or you could just add all ingredients to a small 
saucepan and heat it gently till warm and combined. This is great to squash those 
chocolate cravings, especially at night! 

 Our friends at Professional Whey have 10% off as a discount on their Stevia, check it out! 

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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