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How To Stop Slacking Off With Your Fitness Routine

How To Stop Slacking Off With Your Fitness Routine

Consider yourself a bit of a slacker at the moment? Can’t really get motivated because *insert excuse in here*? Look lady, I’ve been there, we’ve all been there but seriously you are too legit to quit! Let’s get outta this funk (I’ve even got brought my whip)…

One bad day (or week or month etc) doesn’t mean it’s over. Think about it- you eat a Big Mac (um, delicious by the way!), you wash it down with a strawberry thick shake followed by a donut (I know, yum town quickly followed by sick and bloat town) and then you are practically rolling yourself down the hill ready for the next shitty treat. You feel like you’ve put on 10 kilos in that one sitting- guess what? You haven’t- it’s physically impossible to have ruined your diet with just a few bad (but delicious) choices. The same goes for that session you missed with your trainer. Pull yourself together, move on and get to next available one, STAT!

Woman up, k? Woman are built tough- by nature we are the ones who keep shit together, have the babies and are all round forces to be reckoned with! We do very well with praise- so don’t get in a negative spin with yourself. Take a breath, love yourself and set that alarm (or 5!) You’ve freakin’ got this.

Stop being the one that quits! Remember why you started off in the first place. I love my comfy bed but I also know my body and mental state thrives with exercise. I know if I’m to feel and look good, output (thats my exercise) must occur. If you are very goal focused- reassess what’s important for you to be achieving right now and work towards it.

Give your surroundings a good old spring clean! Nothing gets you down in the dumps like clutter and mess. Shit everywhere, dirt, grime- you start to feel like it’s all getting a bit too much, right? Come on sister, whack on some tunes, pony tail that hair and get cleaning. Tidy house, tidy mind. BONUS: You’ve also clocked up some incidental exercise here- you are back in the game!

Just do something fun. If you tend to take your workouts really serious and they recently have been providing little joy for you then maybe it’s time to just have a little fun with your session. Take it outdoors- go for a hike up a big mountain, take a surfing lesson or try a hip hop class. Even if it turns out to not be your cup of tea at least you took a little step outside of your comfort zone.

If the issue is time or you are feeling under pressure. Talk to your partner or support network about what would be helpful to you. This is where you open up the lines of communication. Could your partner look after the kids for an hour while you squeeze in a workout or could you organise a friend to do a play date so you can fit your session in? Could the baby hang out in the bouncer while you do a body weight workout in the living room? Do you really need to be the only one staying back at work? We have to set boundaries with our time. Stop putting your needs at the bottom of everyone else’s- that goes for children, partners and work colleagues. I’d say generally speaking, most women I work with find working out first thing in the morning is key for them- quick 30 or 45 minute session, shower, breakkie, kids/school run and then off to work.

Need external motivation? Set up a reward structure to motivate you to get your sessions in. It may sound juvenile but it can become quite addictive and pay off in the long run. New pair of shoes anyone? Also, check out PT’s or bootcamps in your area. Getting someone else to kick your butt may just be the boost you need- show up and get it done.

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What gets you out of your slacker state? 

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