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Stop Sugar Cravings Now!

This was back in 2012, here’s me spreading the 50DaysNoSugar message on Channel 7’s, Sunrise

Removing sugar from your diet short term and then into the long term can be tough, let’s just be super straight up here. It’s not all roses and sh*t- it takes commitment and finding what works for you and your body!

Am I even an “authority” on giving up sugar? Well, yes, kinda! Sugar and I broke up in July 2012…so  2 years now. I was just a fricken addict! I would eat it all the time. Giving it the flick was the answer for me. It really helped me budge that stubborn body fat on my tummy area too!

Sugar free doesn’t mean taste free. These berry bites are AMAZING!

Here’s 13 bold statements of mine:

1. Artificial sweeteners do not help they hinder! I just feel they are better avoided. My gut is happy and healthy when artificial sweetener isn’t in my body. Read more here

2. Going cold turkey doesn’t work for everybody. A slower, more timed approach may be better for you. I tell those who are not cold turkey fans to start with breakfast (i.e get that meal perfect) then move on the lunch, snack and dinner.

3. Some foods are better than others, we are all individual’s. What work’s for one may be a path to a downward spiral or “attack of the binge”. The key really is experimenting. For example: 2 years on, I can have the occasional SQUARE of dark 70 or 85% chocolate and not want to go and bathe in it. I have self control. I can stop at that one piece. To be honest everything that is sugary just tastes 400 times sweeter to me now.

4. Supplementation may be an option for you. Speak to a naturopath about the best supps for you. Protein powder (a clean, natural non dairy one may be an answer, Nuzest is my fav). I’m never used loads of supplements but that doesn’t mean some are necessary!

5. Keep your mind occupied and busy. Do things when cravings hit- read, run, drink water, make a cuppa, call a friend, read an email or go brush your teeth- whatever works!

6. You need to exercise your willpower muscle. Say no! Practice makes perfect

7. Fruit is NOT a no-no. I still eat fruit and I encourage you to do the same. When I need that sweet fix, a piece of fruit does the trick. Frozen and blended it makes a delicious gelato! Yes fruit is sugar but it’s really so much more than just sugar. It’s vitamins, minerals and fibre.

8. Prepare like a fricken boss! Your foods that is. It’s a key factor to success. A few meals made in advance save you in those times of craving.

9. Boost your diet with protein rich foods. Fish, lean meat, eggs, free range chicken and so on. You will also find protein in full fat greek yoghurt, legumes/beans and nuts.

10. It’s easier to stop saying NEVER! I have indulged in a few sugary things over the past 2 years. I didn’t let that ruin me, I didn’t feel like a failure, I felt human. I’ve had an Italian gelato, a French tart or a sugary cocktail on my recent holiday and it’s all been documented publicly. The thing is, it’s safer for me (and probably a lot of you!) to adhere to the general guidelines of this plan and if in a food moment (not in a stress or sad or weak moment) that a sweet food is presented and I want to eat it (or taste it), I do! I don’t hang around people like a dog waited for those food moments- it’s a bit more calculated for me. This whole eating philosopy has come about based heavily on past diet failures, being a binge eater, being an emotional eater and also doing LOTS of reading on how food affects us- not just the calories but the nutrients of the food.

11. Stop fearing fat, there is nothing worse than choosing a low fat food for fear of putting on weight or because you are conditioned to believe these diet and low fat food are better for you. Guess what? They aren’t! The research is FINALLY coming out to prove full fat products are better for us. We have been lied to for YEARS. Get your fat from sources such as nuts, oils, avocados, butter, ghee, bone broths/animal fats to name a few. Steer clear of processed/hydrogenated oils, canola, sunflower, corn, and soy.

12. Say NO to GMO! Simple! Buy GMO free foods, even check that your fruit and veg are GMO free.

13. Going on a lower sugar diet doesn’t mean giving up alcohol! YAHOOOOO! It’s all about choosing better things to drink. Dry white & red Wine, vodka/gin/rum, beer- it’s all on the menu. Moderation is OBVIOUSLY recommended as alcohol has calories and alcohol content and that my friends is a whole different ball game! I’m a bit of a wine snob so QUALITY not quantity is where I sit.

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